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Spinal/epi during c/s and back injury

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Something just occured to me, i'm planning on VBAC but if I need another c/s I just realized we may have a problem! I have severe bone loss in my spine thats caused a loss of 2 inches of height in the last 5 years. We've never done what ever the heck it is they do to see where the damage is because we know why its happening and they check my height every 2 years at the same place and you don't lose height in your legs but your spine so we know its compressing. Would that preclude my getting a spinal/epi for a repeat c/s if needed? Who would I even ask about that?
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i know someone who had back surgery to fuse some of her lumbar vertabrae together and she also could not have a spinal or epi. lost touch with her before her babe was born a few years ago, so i don't know what happened with her birth, but i know she desperately wanted a vaginal birth.

i second the talking to an anesthesiologist.

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