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Spinal tap healing ideas?

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My now 16-month old daughter had two traumatic (bloody) spinal taps when she was 2 days old. She also had arterial blood draws, urine collection, IVs, heart and lung monitors, echocardiogram, CAT scan,was denied nursing for 24 hours, had an upper GI barium swallow... all to find out why she was having blue spells (it was severe reflux). Now she's a happy, energetic girl. But she also is constantly jabbing her fingers into our ears, eyes, mouths, and hitting, biting, and pinching. I believe this is a result of all the medical trauma she had early on, but don't quite know what to do for her. Of course traditional medicine denies any long term effect, so her ped would just think I'm crazy if I even brought it up. Any ideas out there from alternative medicine?
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Sorry your little one had to go through all that. Luckly my 19 month old did not have to have all those medical tests but he still is "constantly jabbing her (his) fingers into our ears, eyes, mouths, and hitting, biting, and pinching". I think it might just be a developmental stage. He has gotten better. It's more like "oh yah, I know what those are now." We are still working on the hitting and bitting only happens when his is kissing me and gets over excited.
Okay yeah, all the poking could be normal. But I still want to do some kind of energy healing work for her specifically for the spinal tap. That's what I'm looking for info on.
Have you found anything yet? I was hoping you'd get more replies, but I wondered if she would benefit from RET. The only thing is I don't know anything about these types of therapies for young children that don't fully communicate verbally yet, kwim? Do anyone know about this when dealing with children?
I think that is great of you to be thinking about this now. I think it could only be beneficial to her, if it is able to get rid of some negative energy.
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