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All this talk about duties has got me thinking and talking to DH aboutit and he says that he honestly has no idea what needs to be done in a day. He can'tlook at a pile dirty of dishes in the sink and figure it out<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="irked">:<br>
So he asked for a list and I thought "what an awesome idea" not only does it put down on paper how freaking hard it is to be a SAHM but now if I need help I can just say it and there is a list for him to look at.<br>
So will you guys help me make mine by making yours?<br>
Im talking strictly household duties, not mothering/parenting stuff or my list would never end! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"><br>
Here is what I have so far:<br>
Meals 3x<br>
Wash diapers<br>
dises 2x<br>
laundry wash and fold 3x<br>
mopping (every other day)<br>
take out garbage<br>
mow the lawn (weekly)<br>
clean bath<br>
wipe down cabinets and counter tops 3+x<br>
polish table (2x a week)<br>
change sheets (weekly)<br><br><br>
This is just a start.........

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That is a really good idea. It's something I suggest to all of my students when we talk about staying home - that way BOTH partners understand what goes into a day, they can look at a list to see how they can help, and the dad understands that the mom is doing a lot during the day (unless the list never comes near completion every day... don't make up a TON of chores that you know you won't be doing).<br><br>
Go room by room, divide tasks up by what needs to get done daily (morning, noon, pm if applicable), weekly, monthly. make a calendar of sorts even, so you know what needs to get done.<br><br>
And best advice? Prepare for the next day the night before. Know what you need to do so your mind is programmed. If cleaning is going to happen right after breakfast, have your cleaning utensils out (but out of the reach of children).<br><br>
I'll try to post mine when I have a minute! Dont forget about regular errands (grocery shopping, etc.) and include time in there to plan your meals (if you do meal planning). If you don't plan your meals, it's a huge time saver so yu aren't stuck wondering whats for dinner and searching cabinets to see if you have what you need :)

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This is what I do (keeping in mind that there's nothing here dh hasn't done, too, which is as it should be imo):<br><br>
-sort mail from mailbox and P.O. box at post office<br>
-buy office supplies (stamps, envelopes, etc., to do the mailing and bill paying)<br>
-create and maintain budget<br>
-pay bills<br>
-balance checkbook<br>
-manage kids' college savings plans<br>
-make grocery lists and meal plans, considering everyone's dietary needs and desires<br>
-grocery shopping<br>
-clipping coupons, finding sales, savings<br>
-sweep, mop, and vacuum<br>
-wash, dry, sort, fold, and put away laundry<br>
-mow lawn<br>
-weed, plant, and maintain gardens (flower and veggies)<br>
-wash windows<br>
-clean stove and counters<br>
-periodically declutter house; freecycle, donate, and consign items -- toys, clothes, books, magazines, kitchen items, bathroom items, etc.<br>
-swap out and store seasonal items<br>
-decorate for the holidays<br>
-plan birthday parties<br>
-card and gift buying for holidays, birthdays (friends and family), etc.<br>
-maintaining family calendar<br>
-handling regular check-ups and emergency visits<br>
-reading up and staying current on things that affect our family's wellbeing: financial planning, home maintenance and repair, etc.<br>
-DIY home improvement projects and repairs (weather stripping, door and window screens, plumbing, regrouting and caulking the bathroom, etc.)<br>
-washing bedding and drapes periodically<br>
-meal preparation<br>
-car repairs and maintenance<br>
-keeping track of insurance coverages and needs (car, health, life), shopping for comparison rates annually<br>
-seasonal shopping for clothes, shoes, etc.<br>
-daily tidying up<br>
-garbage, recycling, composting<br>
-feeding and watering cats<br>
-vet visits<br>
-keeping flea collars up-to-date

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Ohhh good idea! Here's what I do on a typical day:<br><br>
Potty and dress dd<br>
Feed her breakfast<br>
Throw a load of laundry in<br>
Clean kitchen counters<br>
Rinse breakfast dishes, put in DW<br>
Post office stuff<br>
Feed dogs<br>
Make lunch<br>
Dishes from lunch<br>
Clean kitchen after lunch<br>
Change clothes to dryer<br>
Put dd down for a nap<br>
Try to work on my (soon to be!) business of CD things<br>
Sweep kitchen, play area, living room<br>
Mop those same areas<br>
3x a week sweep and mop our bedroom and bathroom<br>
3x a week dust living room and bedroom<br>
3x a week clean bathroom counters/toilets/shower/bathtub<br>
Pick up toys/books/art supplies left out from the day<br>
Pick up doggie poo from the yard<br>
Water the grass<br>
Pull weeds in dd's playground area<br>
Fold and put away clean clothes<br>
Make dinner<br>
Dishes after dinner-start dishwasher<br>
Unload dishwasher<br>
1x a week wash sheets, comforter, other bedding<br><br>
And in additions I:<br>
plan birthdays<br>
buy cards/presents for b-days and holidays<br>
Put away dd's clothing/diapers that are getting small<br>
Re-Arrange the house every couple of months<br>
Make the house an inviting play space while keeping it neat and orderly<br>
Get the dogs groomed/bathed<br>
buy household supplies-things that I dont normally get at the grocery<br>
Maintain my car-oil change, maintenance, washing, ect<br>
Clean and condition the leather couches<br>
clean and organize the desk/paper areas<br><br>
I do alot! The only thing dh does on a regular basis is bills. I just dont have the patience for calling 800 numbers/being on hold/talking to CS reps whilst dd is running around screaming! He tries to help me out at home, and will do anything if I just ask him....he just doesn't notice what has to get done.

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On a typical individual day, I:<br><br>
Work 6 hours at my WAH job<br>
Play/have outings/do small errands with DS<br>
Make meals/wash breakfast and lunch dishes<br>
Clear clutter off tables<br>
Wipe down kitchen counters<br>
Help DH and DS clean up toys<br><br>
That's about it! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Embarrassment"> Weekly, I:<br><br>
Change linens<br>
Clean bathrooms<br>
Deep-clean kitchen<br>
Pay bills<br>
Meal plan/grocery shop<br>
Help with laundry<br><br>
Daily, DH:<br><br>
Works 8 hours at his WOH job<br>
Sweeps the floors<br>
Waters plants<br>
Washes dinner dishes<br>
Takes out trash<br>
Feeds/brushes dog<br>
Plays with DS/gives him a bath/puts him to bed<br>
Helps me and DS clean up toys<br><br>
Weekly, DH:<br><br>
Mows the lawn/sweeps outside/trims plants<br>
Washes the cars<br>
Mops/vacuums the floors<br>
Does projects like clean the garage, organize closets, etc.<br>
Helps with laundry<br><br>
It's working out great so far! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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No children yet. First is due in August. These are just my HOUSEWIFE duties. I try to keep them well under control and efficient so that when I am busy being a SAHM I can hopefully stay on top of many of them still.<br><br>
*Plan and shop for 3 meals a day plus snack<br><br>
*Prepare 2-3 meals a day plus some snacks (sometimes he fixes his own breakfast -- some scrambled eggs or bread with something spread on it -- but i prepare all lunches and dinner from scratch)<br><br>
*Dishes (I find myself washing dishes all day)<br><br>
*Laundry (involves watching the weather reports and planning when to do it because it gets hung on the line to dry, or I have to set up to hang it inside)<br><br>
*cleaning the counter tops / tables<br><br>
*cleaning the stove / oven / other appliances<br><br>
*cleaning the bathroom (wiping surfaces, scrubbing the inside of the bath/shower, cleaning the toilet, washing the floor)<br><br>
*keeping the house organized / de-cluttered<br><br>
*manage mail / appointments / periodic bills (like rent and student loan payments -- he pays the bills that come in the mail but he has trouble remembering to do something monthly)<br><br>
*cleaning the floors<br><br>
*change bedding and towels<br><br>
*wash glass (windows, mirrors, screens, etc)<br><br>
*wash hand prints off walls (especially around doorways, near garbage cans, on the fridge)<br><br>
*all sorts of household organization (shelves, cabinets, storage locations)<br><br>
*arrange holiday plans and buy cards/gifts<br><br>
*researching related to health, nutrition, child care etc. (these days he takes care of researching related to finance)

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feed fish<br>
feed cats<br>
clean litter pans<br>
feed dog<br>
take dog out for potty breaks every 2-3 hours when awake & clean up any accidents<br>
wash dishes at least once a day<br>
put away clean dishes<br>
clean stove top<br>
clean kitchen island and counters daily<br>
clean out refrigerator of old stuff- every 2 weeks<br>
sweep and mop floors every other day or as needed<br>
refill toilet paper holders<br>
empty trash cans as needed (if stuff is falling on the floor it is time)<br>
clean toilets<br>
clean sinks<br>
clean tub<br>
write checks for bills and get them in the mail<br>
change bedding<br>
make bed<br>
carry laundry to basement<br>
laundry- clothes every couple of days, towels/sheets/blankets once a week<br>
carry laundry up from basement<br>
fold clothing, etc<br>
put away clothing, etc<br>
plan meals<br>
make grocery list<br>
grocery shopping<br>
put away groceries<br>
make meals almost every day for 2-3 people<br>
clean windows<br>
pull weeds<br>
water houseplants once a week<br>
budget planning<br>
clear dining table of clutter<br>
clear coffee table of clutter<br>
decorate for holidays<br>
find and purchase cards/gifts<br>
do some home repairs<br>
maintain dd's computer<br><br>
maintain car<br>
mow lawn<br>
take trash to curb once a week<br>
deposit money in bank<br>
call repair people<br>
do some home repairs<br>
help with grocery shopping<br>
wash dishes one day a week<br>
take dog out once a day

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My list of what I do ( I am currently the CFO and COO of our family) the CEO is either dd1 or dd2 depending on the day<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol">.<br><br>
all laundry<br>
grocery shopping 90% of the time<br>
meal planning 90% of the time<br>
cooking 60% of the time<br>
organizing everything<br><br>
oh I can do soooo many things I should list but I will list later....

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Just in one day I always have to do a load of laundry and dishes.<br>
Pick up and put away toys<br>
plan cook and serve meals<br>
get mail<br>
feed and water pets<br>
clean counters<br><br>
other things dont have to be done everyday, but when its needed, at varying times;<br>
empty trashcans<br>
collect clothes from hamper to wash<br>
dust or wipe down<br>
water lawn and plants<br>
clean and organize everything<br>
pay bills<br>
return library books and videos<br>
sell old stuff; clothes toys<br>
fix stuff<br>
oh yeah, dont forget changing things like water filters, light bulbs, batteries....<br><br>
thats all I could think of housewise, child and self care not even added!

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Okay here is my list.<br><br>
Breakfast for bubs and me.<br>
Start with cleaning the kitchen. Do dishes of previous night.<br>
Clean up all toys.<br>
Vacuum the lounge.<br>
Pack dishes away<br>
Clean the kitchen floor<br>
Twice a week put washing in the washing machine<br>
Make our bed<br>
Clean the bathroom and toilet<br>
Tidy up the study.<br>
Lunch made<br>
Then suppertime it is making of the meal<br>
And making of hubby's lunch for the next day.<br>
Whole house gets a good vacuum at least once a week.<br>
Whole house gets a good clean once a week.<br>
Ironing gets done as needed. Usually I can let stuff go for 2 weeks and then just iron all of it at one go.<br>
Toilet gets scrubbed as needed.<br><br>
Shopping once a week on a Friday.<br>
Packing away of groceries.<br>
Sorting out the fridge and the grocery cupboards as well on that day.<br>
Repacking of meat into smaller packages.<br>
meal planning (can take a fair amount of time.)<br>
Cleaning of car at least twice a month.

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You all are depressing me - I'd never get all that done!<br><br>
Here's what I do daily:<br>
get dressed, get the kids dressed<br>
eat breakfast, feed kids breakfast<br>
feed the animals, milk the goat<br>
diapering, potty training<br>
eat lunch, feed kids lunch<br>
get kids to take nap<br>
do one load of laundry OR do a load of dishes OR mow the grass<br>
(once a week go shopping)<br>
decide what to do about dinner<br><br>
DH comes home:<br>
feed animals<br>
eat dinner, feed kids dinner<br>
bathtime/bedtime routine<br><br>
Everything else gets done depending on what is most pressing mostly on the weekends when dh can help with the kids.

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Sort and process mail<br>
Review and pay bills<br>
Set up and maintain accounts for monthly services (internet, cell, phone, utilities, pool service, yard service, termite service, housekeeper, auto and homeowners insurance, bank accounts, mortgage)<br>
Maintain documents needed for tax preparation<br>
Prepare taxes annually<br>
Research and review mortgage options for refinancing (or not)<br>
Make decisions re: charitable donations<br>
Laundry for myself, DD, and DH<br>
Sheets and towels laundry<br>
Diaper laundry if needed (I'm definitely second-string on this)<br>
All laundry folding/putting away, including diaper laundry<br>
Administer flea and heartworm meds for dogs<br>
Make travel arrangements for family trips<br>
Maintain correspondence with friends<br>
Obtain and mail cards/gifts for close family on birthdays and holidays<br>
Create and share videos of DD with grandparents and other close friends who wouldn't be annoyed by them (this is not really optional; the video camera was a gift from my parents so that they could "see" DD more)<br>
Plan dinners<br>
Cook dinner 3-4 times per week<br>
Track food and other household supply items needed or needed soon<br>
Grocery shopping<br>
"Tidy" kitchen and dining room (wipe down table, high chair, counters and stove, wash stuff that won't go in the dishwasher, launder the dish towels, wipe down the cabinet doors, etc.)<br>
Make sure the refrigerator isn't growing science projects, wipe down shelves, door and handles as needed<br>
Sweep the kitchen floor<br>
All nighttime parenting (this is basically night-nursing, so not something I can really "out-source")<br>
Afternoon and evening primary childcare<br>
Make arrangements for morning childcare if DH is not available (as in this week)<br>
Continue to work full-time from home (beginning each day at about 3:45a)<br><br>
Things I don't worry about:<br>
Mopping the floor (housekeeper does this)<br>
Washing the bathrooms (housekeeper does this)<br>
Vacuuming the carpet upstairs and in living room (housekeeper does this)<br>
Picking up toys<br>
Diaper laundry (DH is usually on the ball with this)<br>
Car maintenance (this is new as of this year... I was the one who handled inspection and oil changes last year)<br>
Making coffee in the morning (DH is coffee maker)<br>
Preparing family breakfast and lunch - dh often does up dinner leftovers for brunch, or makes me breakfast and then sandwiches for lunch, or I just scrounge from the fridge for myself but don't sweat fixing him food<br><br>
I am sure if I showed this list to DH, he'd be floored. I don't think he is even remotely cognizant of half the things I feel like are my responsibility. The whole reason I hired a housekeeper is that I got sick of waiting/hoping for DH to realize the bathroom was filthy and needed to be cleaned. I was always the one who gave in first and cleaned it, and that made me mad, and since we could afford it, I just hired someone to come in and clean it for us. She does the stuff that I hate doing that absolutely needs to be done.<br><br>
And I have explicitly asked him to deal with certain items on the list, instead of me -- he's either ignored the request or forgotten about it. Either way, it took me 4 months of placing the cell phone bill directly in front of him each time we got it AND discussing how expensive cell service is with his mother before I finally got sick of him ignoring my request (months old) to call the cell phone company and get us in a cheaper plan, and that I could _not_ do so since his name was on the account. I finally called the company and just handed him the phone when they asked for confirmation from the accoutn holder. HE looked at me like I was on a different planet when I asked him if he even remembered that I'd asked him to do this in AUGUST 2006 (it was March 2007).<br><br><br>
and ok... venting over, sorry so long.<br><br>
ps - I'm the only one working "for pay" right now in our family. DH has been out of the service (his former employer) for about 8 months.

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These are all really great! Its gotten me thinking of all the things I "just do" because they need to get done but never really give it a second thought, I was thinking more along the lines of making a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be done household wise. Even if DH takes care of it
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