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So in the first paragraph she spells breech "breach"... and it is obvious she has not spent much time in a very small house with a wood stove or a couple of large fire places-- this would be a fairly comfy place to be- there was no place of men folks to go and many times the house was full of people- (extended families lived together more often than not)

the women who came alone across the plains to the west were the isolated ones but they usually didn't even have a midwife to send for and if sent for it was a family member or close by neighbor or hired hand who waited and showed her the way.
mountains of laundry didn't exist people rarely had many changes of clothes, yes it was hard work but often it was shared work-not how our households are run today.
I have several autobiographies of old physicians dating into the 1800's and none support this "history" article
a while back I found some info online on old Italian or Greek birth practices. will try to locate them again and post later
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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