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Spinoff: Tea Drinkers?

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In the RRL tea thread several mamas mentioned that they blended their RRL with other types of tea. If you do, could you please tell why you chose the blend you do?

I mix mine with nettle for the iron, local raw honey because it helps with local allergens, and liquid chlorophyl for iron and calcium. Good link:

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My Mother made mine but I think its just mixed with Nettle and Peppermint and I add honey - LOTS of honey.
(The add ins are to disguise that "ass" taste that RRL tea seems to have as I couldn't quite tolerate it by itself :puke)
I buy my pregnancy tea from an MDC mama (Avena).
It's got:
Org. red raspberry leaf
org. nettles
org. avena
org. dandelion
org. rose hips and petals
org. orange peel

I drink it iced and sweetened just a bit. It's got a very pleasant taste.
I blend mine with:
-Nettle for the extra iron & kidney cleanseing & nourishment
-Alfalfa for vit K to help avoid hemorage at birth & we wont be giving baby vit K shot
-Dandelion for several minerals, as well as kindey & liver strenghtening & avoiding edema (Pretty much the same reasons as nettle)

Then I add stuff to make it taste better. Usually I add lemon for extra vit C, but not always.
the mix i've been drinking up until last week was...
2lbs RRL
1lb nettles
1lb alfalfa
1/2lb rose hips
1/2lb lemon balm
so i use about 1c of the mix per quart jar (drinking 2qts a day now). i add about 1T of honey, fill it with boiling water, and steep overnight (about 8hrs).

and then last week i started adding 1tsp peppermint and 2tsp dandelion leaf per quart jar to help with the minor heat induced foot&ankle swelling i've been having. oh, and i definitly drink it iced.
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What do these herbs do?

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