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I'm going to have to really limit myself on blabbing about this topic, because I honestly could talk all night about the adoption of older children and teens.
See, I have 15 siblings...3 biological, and 12 adopted. (I myself am not adopted) I was 15 when my parents first adopted 2 boys, ages 12 and 13. About a year later, an 8 yr. old boy was welcomed to our family. A year and a half later, an 11 yr. old boy joined the clan. Then, almost 3 yrs. later, my parents adopted a sibling group of 8--7 boys and 1 girl. (They had set out to adopt a daughter, and their caseworker called w/ info on a 9 yr. old girl...and her 8 bros)
If I would have thought anyone was prepared and equipped to deal w/ the emotional and psychological needs of these children, it would have been my parents.
They both have a tremendous amount of patience and unconditional love; both were teachers; my mom taught special ed. for nearly 30 years.
However, NO ONE in the family, was prepared for all the issues that were to come...we've dealt with numerous trust issues, stealing, violence, alleged sexual incidents, jailtime, prisontime, reactive attachment disorder,etc. etc. etc. from the adopted kids.
Don't get me wrong....EVERYONE in the family love them, and accepts them regardless of the problems they have created...they ARE my SIBLINGS...

But I have many times been truly worried for my parents' health and sanity.

So, to anyone considering older child adoption, please research it thoroughly and have resources ready and available. You will need them. No matter how ideal of a situation it seems to be, you can't 100% forsee what is to come.
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