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Spirited Nanny/Guide seeks baby to love...

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Hello all you lovely folk !

I am a mature woman in her 30's looking for a warm and loving family to work with...I have been loving wee one's for over 20 years now..My experience is vast, my references glowing !
I am a very spiritual soul with a deep commitment to the emotional, physical and spiritual growth of the little one's in my care. I offer joy, safety, sensitivity, compassion, creativity, energy, peace, and unconditional love. Every soul coming into this life has unique lessons to learn and grow from, I am here to gently guide their way..
I live in lower se portland and am a non driver by choice..Please get in touch if you have any questions or feel we might dig each other ! I am very open to temp. care or long term or ????

Thank you all,
Charity 503-960-6308 email [email protected]
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