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Spirited, spectrum boy taxing my resources

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My 4 yo is drving me right to the brink! he is so constant, all the time. Talking, always. I can actually be midsentence and he zooms right in with his own train of thought. He is constantly on the go, running, jumping, crashing into things. He is pretty rough with the dogs, grabs them around the neck and pushes them back. our dogs are little. If he gets angry, he will go over and hit his big brother, or will go and sit on his big brother. he goes from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. I am exhausted! I just need a little peace and every now and again, and it seems to never happen.
Any tips or commiseration?
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My seven year old is the same way. He's always been go-go-go, since he was very small. He talks constantly, with no interuption and it often seems like he is talk talk talk talk talking but not actually saying anything at all {just this constant stream of chatter about the most inane things, anything to continue hearing his own voice. It drives me batty! Often the other kids can't get a word in edgewise. We are trying to impress upon him the value of words and that when someone else is trying to talk he needs to wait his turn. Teaching conversational skills isn't always as easy as it seems, is it?

We're still feeling out things to help him, so unfortunately I don't have any tips for you right now, but I can definitely commiserate!
My 3 yo ds is similar, very overwhelming, loud, super active. I know sugar of any kind, even raisins, makes it ten times worse. Nursing helps, sometimes. Having time outside helps, which is hard because we live in a cold rainy climate where going out involves getting cold and wet most of the time (and he's tactile defensive, so a jacket is too much of a transition for him). Sigh. Commiseration here.
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I know this suggestion will offend some, but here goes...

Have you tried coffee? The caffeine works in some ADHD kids like ritalin, and actually helps calm them. Or black tea also contains caffeine. I know it is almost like drugging a child, so I would never suggest giving lots, or all the time, but imagine the relief a kid (and Mama!) would feel to have the racing thoughts slow down a bit.
coffee, eh? Worth a shot maybe.
pookietooth, I am in cold, damp w wa as well. Throwing him outside definitely helps. Playing in the hot tub helps, playdoh helps. He wont wear a coat either, or pants! Shorts only.
I am going to call his doc tomorrow and look into having him eval'ed for ODD. We wouldnt do meds, but maybe some classes for us to learn how to help him, and if he could talk to a counselor to help him learn to turn it down?
I don't have any advice but I think I have a 3 yr old version of your child. My DS is the same way. Often times I am completely exhausted by the end of the day (and I only have one child to care for!). It's hard when you go go go all day long without getting a break at all. My DS barely ever plays alone, and if I ever do anything without him (like wash the dishes) he has a tantrum or hits our cats. It's stressful. I have an appointment for his first evaluation next week. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

Originally Posted by boysrus
coffee, eh? Worth a shot maybe.
That made me laugh.
My younger nephew is a lot like that sometimes. He is very high energy, bounces off the furniture, just runs in circles for the sake of running- he will NOT listen when we ask him to chill out... very tiring!

I don't have any tips but I do sympathise with you. An eval sounds like it'll be helpful.
Don't completely rule out medicine, either- in some cases it is very very beneficial. (I would not say this to you if I did not know you- I know you know your son best... just wanted to mention that...)

Good luck!
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I know Jenny.
I will keep an open mind about all of it.
Jillian, I will be interested in what happens at the eval. Is it an eval for dsi?
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