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This is my first year, so I can't say personally, but this CSA was highly rec'd by one of the API of No Va leaders. Starts June 1, but more shares are needed to be bought, so it's not too late.

Are any of you still not signed up for a CSA this summer? If you still haven't chosen one, you still have time to do the Spiritual CSA for the summer program. Many of us participated in the Winter CSA. I personally love it. There WILL BE an Arlington drop this summer! They have found a hostess house, so please go ahead and sign up if you are still wavering. Here is the email Victor, the head of this CSA, sent me. I'm forwarding it here; please forward to any other listserv groups you think might be interested.
The food is biodynamic and scrumptious. I will not be the coordinator for it this summer, so direct all questions to Victor at [email protected] (re: registration, etc).
Go to their web site for more info in general about how a farmshare program works. Basically you get whatever the farmer can grow that week, which is often a bonanza of scrumptious organic (biodynamic) vegetables, plus lots of supplements like bread, yogurt, dried fruit and other homemade goodies.

This summer you do NOT have to find a partner. Just sign up for whatever size you want depending on your finances and veggie needs. You can buy a bag or a basket share.
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