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spokane question

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My Dh is applying for a job in Spokane. We have never been there but I sounds awesome. I looking for information on where to live. I'm a work at home mom and ds is three. We like to get out and do fun things in the morning and I work in the afternoon. I would like to know where is the best part of town for a young family to live? Also what about towns outside of Spokane. Do they cost a lot or and does anyone have one to recommand. We will rent when we first arrive until we get to know the area better. So we are also looking for area that has some nices homes for rent. Also is there an area of Spokane that is not so great.


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Hi Jay,
Where is the job located in town, and where are you moving from? And what are you looking for, a newer house in a PUD or an older neighborhood with character, etc, etc?

I do know of a few neighborhoods that have higher crime stats and bad reputations, but compared to larger cities, nothing reeeaaally bad, and there are patches in those neighborhoods that are being taken over by young urbans, fixing up the houses and perking up the attitude. The small towns around here are really small towns, not nesc. bedroom communities, unless you head east to Liberty Lake or Post Falls in ID. The south hill is older and very nice and reasonably priced compared to most cities, but a little more pricy than the rest of town. Up north is nice, but the drive through town can be tiresome.
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