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OK Dd1 has been wanting to write. No biggie she's only five so when she asks I give her a writting practice page or two (depending on what her ability to tolerate it is) and the rest is no pressure. She has plenty of things to fight just to concentrate and I don't want her to hate learning. Usually her wanting to learn to write doesn't go past "momma how do you write a.....(insert letter)" and after she watches me write it she wander off to do her own thing again.

Well I didn't think anything of it when she asked me how to write one of the letters in her name while she was drawing a picture. Then the next thing I know she announces "look momma I wrote my name"

Other then the fact that it was in reverse, but where when.......? She hasn't asked for a writing page in over six months.

How does she do this? Is this something par for the course? I hate to say it is this normal?

I'm just kind of flabbergasted. I didn't expect her to suddenly write let alone in reverse.

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