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Spotting seems to be the name of the game, lately.

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As you all know, I had two positive HPT's, but then I started spotting 2 1/2 days ago. Well, I thought it was spotting, now I'm not so sure... I went to the OB today, and my "pee test" there came back negative. The doc said the amount of blood present in my urine may have given a false negative, though. She also said that my uterus was also enlarged, and she asked me if I normally had a larger uterus, and anyone had ever mentioned it to me before.

Anyway, they took some blood for a quantatitive preg test, and I'll be able to find out tomorrow (Fri.) the initial results. I will have to wait for Monday to get more blood drawn to see if the count is going up or down. The doc said it was too early for a u/s, and she thought I was just having my regular period, until I told her that I had in fact already had two (now three!) positive HPT's. I am so confused now. I obviously was pregnant, so did I miscarry really early? My period was not even normally due until Friday, anyway.

The bleeding just continues and continues, and it's pretty heavy. TMI, but I'm soaking a slim, extra-absorbant pad about every 4-6 hours. I'm also having intermittent cramping. I am terrified that I am miscarrying. Terrified. And all there is to do now is wait. Bah!

I am just so damn scared. I really thought this babe was meant to be, and maybe it still is, but it's hard not to think the worst while seeing all that blood.

I'll keep you all posted.
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Mama. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers. please be gentle with yourself and keep us posted.

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I am so sorry Mama. I had a miscarriage in January at 4.5 weeks and it was heartbreaking. Don't lose hope yet; I've heard of a lot of women who have had bright red bleeding and still been pregnant. If it is a miscarriage, give yourself time to might not have been very far along, but that doesn't matter when it's something that you so desperately want and already love. Please keep us updated.
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