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Sprague, CT?

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Hey mommas! Anyone have any info on this area?
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Sort of a sad, sleepy, run-down little place that Stephen King might write about. Some real grinding rural poverty combined with some nice homes and architecturally interesting but largely abandoned downtown area. It's three villages rolled into one town. Official website is here:

I don't know anyone who lives there or anything... these are just sort of my impressions.
I thought that might be...thanks for the info.
I know some people who live in the area - Baltic, Sprague, Occum... The above description is pretty accurate. It's on the river, and so I believe a lot of the housing used to house the mills' employees, hence the rows of duplexes in some areas. But like the pp said, there are some very nice neighborhoods too - very rural...
I was just talking about yr post to someone and learned that the Sprague town govt. has several Green Party members on board. Also learned there is some tension between relatively affluent newcomers who want the town to maintain its rural character and some of the long-timers who want development to ease their tax burden. Anyway, more information for you. It's a long way from anywhere up there, by CT standards anyway.
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