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No price is set in stone. If you see something you want, just PM me and we'll make it work. (if someone REALLY needs clothes etc and cannot afford it, PM me and we'll see what we can do... mommas on this board have been very generous to me and I would like to return in kind if I'm able) Prices do not include shipping.<br><br>
Photos: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Buffy - The Complete 5th Season $20.00 Like New<br><br>
Buffy - The Complete 7th Season $20.00 Like New<br><br>
DVD "We Were Soldiers" $7.00 Like New<br><br>
Clear Hurricane Vase $10.00 Like New Beautiful clear crystal vase<br><br>
Mens Jersey - No Team Logos $2.00 42/44 EUC<br><br>
100% Cotton Army Green Maternity Pants $5.00 xlarge EUC Low rise<br><br>
Black Garter Belt $2.00 18/20 Like New I tried this one once, didn’t have a reason to ever wear it, and it stayed in my drawer for a couple years "just incase" - PENDING<br><br>
Blue PJ Shorts $2.00 large Like New<br><br>
Juniors Faded Jeans $8.00 17 Like New<br><br>
Lavender Button Down Shirt $5.00 14/16 EUC Comfy and casual<br><br>
Lavender shorts/shirt pajamas $4.00 large Like New (100% polyester)<br><br>
Light Acrylic Pull on Sweater $5.00 xlarge EUC Very soft and comfortable<br><br>
Light Green Bra $5.00 40DD Like New<br><br>
NY&CO Periwinkle Sweater $5.00 xlarge EUC Very warm and soft<br><br>
Venezia Dressy Shirt $2.00 18/20 EUC Very light and airy, very comfy<br><br>
White Peasant Shirt w/ Roses $5.00 xlarge EUC<br><br>
Yellow Venezia Shirt $5.00 16/18 EUC<br><br>
Books added:<br><br>
Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul $2.00<br>
The Web of Life $5.00<br>
The Long Road Home by Danielle Steel $1.00<br><br>
Washable Diaper Bag (the kind that you leave in the room, in the pail, and wash w/ the diapers as well as one of the "on the go" type)

2,824 Posts
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