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Spring Has Sprung

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*Sigh* Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods and with it my sinuses are so badly congested. I'm a mess and ready to strangle the pollen producing trees! Or maybe Mother nature who made this all possible!

My neti-pot has made breathing possible ... but I had to call the OB on Tuesday for a Z-pack because everything was infected - and I'm too scared to end up with pneumonia (like last year!) At 25 weeks!

He tells me I can take Claritin (which doesn't even touch my allergies) or Benedryl (which is so darn short lived and barely working!) or the red sudafed (but risk my bp going up high ... I've already convinced him I have white coat and dont want to raise my bp! so that is out!)

I've been wondering why everything was so muted for the last 3 weeks and now have a good clue that my sinuses have unloaded themselves into my ear... and here I thought my girls were yelling too much.

My kingdom to spend 48 allergy free hours breathing and hearing again!
If my ears don't clear when the antibiotics are done - I'm gonna have to go back and pitch a fit!

(2 showers a day, neti-ing 3-6 times a day, benedryl, z-pack ... drinking steaming liquids - I'm all tapped out!)
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Poor mama! I know exactly how you feel.
I was reading on the red raspberry leaf tea tribe and a few mamas recommended drinking stinging nettle tea for allergies (and it's in alot of pregnancy brews), so I just ordered some for my DH and I. I don't know if it works yet, but hopefully it will. I'm just really stuff/headachy, but DH has had two sinus infections in the past month. YUCK!
I hope everything works for you and you feel better soon!
My OB recommended Tylenol Sinus, Sudafed, or Mucinex. I ended up with a Zpack anyway as well. Mucinex (I take a generic) does tend to thin out the mucus for me, though. I hope it all clears up for you. Sinus issues are no fun, especially now!

Oh, and they also told me to take Afrin. I only did two doses because that stuff scares me.

I also use Saline nasal spray regularly to keep everything moist up there.
I'm desperate! LOL!
I'll try anything.
Although, I'm with you Sunshyn, I'm petrified of the Afrin! LOL! Mind you the Mucinex scares me too, just because once I got things running good... I ended up with Pneumonia 'cause apparently I wasn't coughing strong enough to get it out.

Oh well, I guess I'll be calling the OB on Monday again! *sigh*

Off to try some more home remedies, from "boiling my head" (as dd and dh call it) to, drinking pregnancy tea (with Nettle in it! LOL!)

Something's got to give, I just hope it isn't my sanity.... I can handle a congested head... just leave my ears alone!
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Lots of sympathy here.

My allergies are making me feel HORRIBLE and medicine has never worked for me. I need to try a neti pot, but just haven't gotten around to getting one.

I feel stuffy, tired, headachey, have itchy swollen eyes...the works...and I think i have some drainage into my ears because they're very itchy and hurt sometimes...and also I'm feeling dizzy here and there. I usually get allergies pretty badly, but being pregnant is just making it a million times worse.
I use Nazonex spray for my stuffy sinuses and it works great. I only use it about once every 2-3 days because it is a steroid spray, but that's been plenty for me. The only downside is that it forced my current cold into my chest because my sinuses were nice and clear

Hope you find some relief soon!
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I feel ya! I've always had an issue with allergy symptoms this time of year, but they had been gradually getting better over the past 4-5 years with changing my diet, getting adjusted regularly, and taking nettles or homeopathic drops when needed.

But this year is especially crazy! I think it's a combination of my immune system being extra sensitive with pregnancy and the fact that there's so much pollen here right now that the cars actually all have yellow powder all over them!

I have been going through a box of kleenex every few days, and knowing I need to use my Neti-pot more regularly, but not often getting around to actually doing it. I do love the Ricola Herbal Cough drops to help soothe my itchy, scratchy throat...and even find they seem to help stop a sneezing spell too!

Good luck ladies and hopefully we'll all feel better soon!
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