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Spring semester in Paris!

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I was just offered a place in an exchange program my university is doing with a university in Paris! They send three students here for fall semester, and we send three there in the spring. My daughter can come, even! And my university pays for everything, just like they do here, and they'll do whatever it takes so that I get the same number of credits as I would here - and I won't even have to TA.

Of course, I speak no French, so I'd have to study it as much as I can this summer and fall... and I'm not great at languages. I'd also have to out Arabic on hold for at least a semester... and Paris really has nothing to do with my planned fieldwork, although I could get to know French professors in my field who would probably be helpful.

I'm leaning towards taking it, though... and Rain really wants to go! She's been studying French at the cc for a year, and is the founder and president of the French Club there. I am kind of afraid that my Arabic will go out the window, though... but it sounds so cool....

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wow ! that sounds awesome! I would totally do it!
Have fun!

Paris has a big enough immigrant community that you could at least get a little Arabic-speaking practice, informally, I would think.
What an amazing opportunity for both of you!

I have been feeling down about not travelling more before kids (can't afford it with them at the moment) and wishing I had done some studying abroad so what an amazing thing to hear about a mama getting to do both!
do it! its a once in a lifetime opportunity!
DO IT! And then tell us all about it and how it worked out. Because our family plan is to move to Spain in a year so that I can study, but even though I REALLY want to do this and I think it will be an amazing opportunity for our whole family, I get really worried hung-up on all the details, like finding day care in a foreign country, etc. So it would be great to hear that someone else did it and that it can be done!
Another voice chiming in with a do it! That sounds like such an incredible oppurtunity for you and your DD and something you will look back on for the rest of your lives.
Do It!!!

A secondary language can't possibly hurt you. (Tertiary? Whatevah.) And Paris. And you might have new and interesting opportunities open up with this new adventure.

And *Paris*!
Doooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

And who knows, you might find opportunities to practice your Arabic even in Paris.
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Well, there is the Grand Mosque of Paris... I could loiter out front and see if anyone greets me in Arabic. I am sort of dreading trying to learn French, too... Arabic has been *such* a struggle for me! Very humbling...

But okay, I will tell them I'm going!

Lots of immigrants from Algeria should be living in Paris, I bet you can find someone to speak Arabic to.
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