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SSDI for Aspie/ASD?

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has anyone applied for SSI on the grounds of Aspergers/Autism Spectrum lately? How hard was it to get approved? Did you have to hire one of those SSI lawyers?

I ask because Kait was denied 4 1/2 years ago because they dismissed the autism spectrum disorder and said that the hydro that she's had since before birth was 'not likely to last more than 1 year' and 'not causing a major disruption in her daily life' At the time, I didn't know anything about fighting them on a juvenile case, especially since Riley Hospital was giving me nine kinds of hades about giving me her records as it was, let alone to fight the government with...

Now, she is seven and we could really use the financial assistance to help with things like pressure vest for home, medication {we are trying to avoid DFSS at all costs because of previous experience with them forcing shots and generally treatment by their staff here} and character and emotional support building things like the cost of special needs baseball which is almost 68 miles from here and costs $200 to join plus uniforms, etc.
So I'm wondering if the long drive to the social security office would be worth it at this point? We tried the whole 'start your application on line' thing and it said there was a problem matching our info to their database, probably because C adopted her after the original rejection. I don't know why the info wouldn't match though because she has a social security card in her name now {post adoption} but whatever. I'm willing to go up there if some good will come of it, like the help she needs...

Sorry for the book. I'm exhuasted from work and wanted to make sure all the info that might be asked for was out there...
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Hmm, I don't know. We applied based on my son's SID and we only had to fill out the application. They contacted Dr's and therapists. We were initally denied, I didn't fight it, and 6 months later they approved him on appeal.

This is in Fl though... not sure where you are but I've heard we got lucky. I wish you luck and if you have to, get an attorney. They take a percentage of back pay but that's it. My Mom did that for her disability claim.
thanks. we're in Indiana. I've been in touch with the SSI law group near here, and they've got a good reputation for winning cases and such and were really nice on the phone...

Guess I'll head up there next Friday after work {no gas money this week} and see what the wrench in the monkey works is with her information
I get SSI for my dd who has ASD and it wasnt a huge battle, tho it did involve several appts. HTH
sadie, what do you mean by several appts? last time they had us meet a PA at a chiro office 2 hours from home, and she didn't even look at kait's scans or anything, just asked her her name, age, phone number and a couple of colors... :argh: :growl:
well I thought about it and it took 2 appts {to get approved} at the ss office. The first time was an interview and the second time we went over my finances. I have had 1 appt since then. HTH
We were approved for SSI within a month of applying and get 603. a month. Ds has an autism dx and I sent all evaluations with the application as well as a detailed description of all the things he needs and how difficult it is on a daily basis to deal with him. He was completely nonverbal at the time of application and we have to help him do pretty much everything, bath, putting clothes on, ect.

I was amazed at how fast we were approved and we are selfemployed so we can make our income on tax forms always come out in the qualifying range for approval.
I dont think our case was the norm, but if you can fill out the application and make it clear how much work it takes to raise your special needs child the better. If you do therapy at home write out a detailed description of what you do. If your child is still needing diapers or potty assistance then dont forget to put that in. You have to make it clear to someone who probably knows very little about special needs kiddos. Just my 2 cents but I hope it helps. We never needed a lawyer and I would have done the application myself anyways and then consulted a lawyer if I needed to appeal the decision. YOu can always look for a law firm that might do pro bono work for special needs situations.
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