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St. Catharines Diaper Service

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I just found out that we'll be moving back to St. Catharines for me to continue with school. The diaper service we're using now doesn't service st. kitts, so we're looking for one that does. We're renting and wherever we move we'll likely be paying for laundry, so buying our own isn't ideal.

anyone know of any?
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Hey, we are going to be neighbours! We are in St.kitts too. I don't know of any diaper services here, there was nothing in the phone book at least.

Good luck to you!
Ya, doesn't seem to be any! So we've bought our own- figure i should get in the habit of washing ourselves before the crunch of school kicks in!
Whereabouts in st. kitts are you? I've lived on the Brock campus, Glendale, and Downtown on Queenston (not gonna be going back there this time!) in my 3 yrs. at school, and don't know where we'll be heading when we come back this time around....know of any decent places for rent by chance??
Hey there. I live close to downtown, a large city block north of Montebello Park. We have an old victorian house and if you are interested in renting an older home(or a portion of one), this is the area for it for sure. If you are looking for an apartment building kind of thing, you will have to stick to more of the main roads. Good luck on your search!

I definitely will not live in an apt. building (baaad experience in the one I lived in on Queenston- I'm done with them!). So ya, we're looking for an apt in a house...the older/more character the better
We're coming down to visit the daycare next friday, so we'll be keeping a look out for rentals too....we'll definitely check out that area, thanks!
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