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I accept non-cc paypal or money orders. Prices include shipping, insurance is an additional $1.30.

The Liz's cloth overnighter is made of 2 layers of 200 wt MM fleece size 2. It is blue with yellow moons and stars. EC ASKING $SOLD

The Stacinator is also 2 layers of 200 wt MM fleece. It is white and size large. EC ASKING $11 PPD

I also have 6 unbleached snugglebottoms with velcro. Size large. They are like prefolds (already folded to fit baby) with elastic sides and velcro closures. GC ASKING $17 PPD FOR ALL 6

2 LG Bumkins AIO prints. One is blue zoo, the other is bright sea, click here to see prints: and

Size LG fits 22-32 lbs. Both are in EC with no stains or rips. Asking $11 PPD each or $20 for both

Feel free to PM or e-mail me ([email protected]) with any questions. Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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