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Stacinator So Simple (last question about covers, I swear!)

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I had a Stacinator So Simple a long time ago, but I found that it wicked really badly, so I ended up getting rid of it. I always wondered if I could have done something more so that it would have worked (Wash in really hot water perhaps). Anyway, I think I would like to try this cover again, but I want to know if others have had similiar problems, but worked it out (or not worked it out--whatever).

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This is an old message, but I thought I would answer anyway. The most important thing with the So Simple cover is how to put it on the baby. There is a wearing guide on the website. If it is put on correctly, it would be very rare to have wicking of any kind. If the wicking was through the PUL, it would be a matter of the PUL being faulty. When the manufacturer poured the PUL on the fabric, it could have developed thin places or cracks. This is very rare, but would be my guess if the wicking went through the PUL. In this case, you should contact the place of purchase.

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