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stacinator wool-snap broken

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I am bummed-I have had a wool stacinator cover for only around 7 months and the snap broke-it pulled through the fabric. I have always been careful to take off by the snaps-not by just pulling. I thought for sure I would get more use out of it-considering I really only use it max. once a day? Has this happened to anyone else?
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Yes—this happened to me the very first time I used my Stacinator wool cover. I wrote to the company and they told me to send it back for replacement, even though I hadn't bought it directly from them. I'm not sure if a 7-month-old cover is still covered by their guarantee, but it's worth asking!
You might want to find out exactly when you bought it. They do a 6 month snap guarantee. I sent mine back and they replaced it with a brand new one. It had to be sent to CA and took over 3 weeks to get back HTH
Thanks for your replies! I contacted them and am waiting to hear back from them.
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