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STAR reading assesment?

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Just curious if any one has any details about the format of the computer STAR reading test?

My DD took the STAR reading test, at school, last year. They would retake the test every QTR to show growth. Last year her Reading level according, to STAR, her level barely increased all year long and actually decreased over the summer.

My DD is a very advanced reader. I know for a fact that her reading speed and compression has increased since last year. She loves to read and is constantly reading. She even got a perfect score on the reading section of our state test.

So what gives? What does this test use, if not comprehension, to determine reading level?
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The STAR test is computerized and has you fill in a blank to complete a sentence or passage from multiple choices. To do this correctly you must be able to comprehend the passage and know the meaning of the possible words to selct the best choice. Also, being comfortable taking computer tests helps.

It is different from reading a passage and answering a question based on the text.
is a link to the STAR test manufacturer with some data about the test.

Its very common for children to lose over the summer, even when they read over the summer. The difference of reading for pleasure and reading for answers is different - they can get rusty over the summer!
Thanks for the link!
It looks like STAR uses vocabulary in context to determine levels.
You can read and comprehend stories with knowing the meaning of every word, so I figure it is her vocabulary that is not growing.

It was not really the drop over the summer that concerned me as much as the fact that her growth during school last year was very minimal.
I am now thinking because her level is so high she is probably not getting any vocabulary enrichment at school.
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