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I'm thinking of starting a daycare (would love another baby, and we need the money) out of my home in OR. How do you go about doing this? How formal does this need to be? Do I need to register my business with the state? Do I need to have my home inspected or anything? How do you pay taxes etc, and what do people do for insurance? I've never had my own business before, and am curious about getting started. I'd like to only take on 1 or 2 kids (have a 1yr old myself) to ensure adequate supervision & stimuli for kids. And of course, offer the kind of care I'd want for my own child, including AP, cloth diapers, breastmilk, interactive play (no TV). Do you provide your clients with a receipt every week/month?
Has anyone of you done this before?
What can be pitfalls?
What's the most important to keep in mind?


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Hi Miki,
I did home daycare for 6 years!
I think every state, maybe even town has their own set of laws. Where I lived I could care for up to 4 children without a liscence. Obtaining a liscence is easy too, but I never wanted more then 4!
I think the best thing to know is your limitations, one year I had children from 6:30am to 5pm, and I quickly burnt out and had to let the early ones go.
I highly recommend the daycare/preschool forum on run by Joni L. It is a wealth of information and friendship!
I had a saying "My Mondays are filled with hugs and kisses!"
Another good point is to have a contract and treat it like a business, parents can be notorious for not paying on time!!
Taxes were easy and you can claim a loss for 3 years, so it really helped us too. I always kept excellent records of the parents payments and would give them a detailed list with a total in January for their taxes and mine.
I loved it, this year on Mother's Day a family called me and wished me Happy Mom's Day and I was all tears!!! I also kept a scrapbook of pictures of them! I had so much fun! It was also very tiring. You could offer 1/2 days or 3 days a week if you're concerned about how it will effect your family and your time with them.
I could go on and on! Pm or post if you have more questions

And good luck to you!
I think home daycares are the best way to go for children who need care
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