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Started the Process

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My stomach hurts. I feel nauseous. There are only about five weeks of school days left, if not less, I am getting ready to homeschool our children for the remainder of the school year so that we can do some short distance traveling (and one long distance trip) and give homeschooling a try before my oldest starts off at a new charter school next school year.

I was feeling so positive about this! But once I set things into motion (faxing forms, writing emails) reality hit and I am having many doubts. My kids are doing great in school, very happy, very involved...they are also fine with trying homeschooling, it is me who is feeling doubtful.

I feel like I do everything backwards, they just got over the biggest hump of the school year - state testing - the funnest part of school is here; field trips and all that good stuff.

Just needed to throw this out there.
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I still get the heebeejeebee stomach sometimes thinking about it and I decided I was going to homeschool my kids before they were born ! Take faith in knowing that you know them better than any teacher and will be able to lead them on a path of learning unlike any other they would get at a desk in public school. Even if you should decide to return they will be the better for your attempts
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I feel the same way. Technically I am homeschooling my dd 4.5 now but I haven't made a committment to it. I'm worried that I won't be able to do it.
I also feel like I am taking on the world when I think about HS my son. It feels so overwelming at times. I just want whats best for my son. I feel WAY more sick if I think about sending his to any school. So thats how I know that HS is right for us.

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