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Starting a New Job and I'm 19 Weeks

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I just moved back to NY and I'm 19 weeks pregnant. The job market is extremely difficult and my job search has not been easy. The idea of telling recruiters and employers that I have interviewed with that I am pregnant has taunted me. I am in the mist of being made a job offer and I feel terrible not letting them know I'm pregnant, but I'm also afraid if I tell them I'm pregnant before I accept the position I could loss the job offer. What should I do?
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I wouldn't tell the employer until you have to. If you do end up losing the job once you have it, you'll have a darn good case of discrimination. Good luck!
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So you don't have to tell them you're pregnant. But technically employers cannot discriminate against you (read: not hire you or fire you) because you're pregnant. If you have an offer in writing you might want to mention it. Chances are you'd have a pretty strong discrimination case if something "fell through" at the last minute. If you don't mention it you risk generating some bad feelings when you do break the news.

Keep in mind too that you won't be eligible for FMLA because you won't have been employed for the minimum number of months/ hours by the time you reach your leave time. So if you were hired now you'd be eligible for short term disability for the period of pregnancy-related disability - usually 6 weeks for a vag deliver and 8 for a c - but your employer would not be required to provide you any job-protected leave beyond that. Just something to consider when taking a new job!
I got my current job when I was 20w.
there is NO WAY in hell they would have hired me if they knew, and the job market was even worse then in dallas.
Hell, my boss has told me more than once if I get pregnant again he's firing me (and uh...guess who has to tell them i am soon?? yay...not)

I waited until i was like 25 or 26w along. I still wasn't showing then though, but i'm glad I told because it was like a WEEK later I turned into a whale!
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I was going through the same situation, so I asked my father - in - law who is a labor lawyer. He told me that study after study shows that employers will 95% of the time hire you anyway if you tell them up front. You shouldn't, however, tell them as soon as you walk in the door. Wait until it starts to look like you are going to get an offer. If they want you, they will still want you even if you are pregnant. He said if you do not tell, you are starting off the job having misled them, and they are going to feel like you deceived them. They will not like that very much. One thing I didn't know is that if you haven't been there at least a year, they are not required to give you the same job when you return from maternity leave. They can have you scrubbing toilets, and they may not be inclined to give you the same job if they feel like you hav mislead them. Ultimately it is your decision, but I would tell. I hope that helps.
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