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Starting a newborn stash for a friend?

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One of my girlfriends is pregnant with her first (YAY!!!!), due at the end of the year. I know she wants to cd, since we talked about it a lot when I started cd'ing Fiona. I'm soooo excited for her and would love to pick up a diaper/cover here & there for her so that she'll have a head-start on her stash, but I have no idea how to cd a newborn. We started out at 10 months in larges!

What would/did your ideal newborn stash consist of? Types of dipes/covers? Number of each?

We also use cloth wipes. What do you think about, as a shower gift, a wipes warmer, a couple of different kinds of wipes solution, and a bunch of wahm wipes?

I know I'm probably thinking about this way too early and too much, but the truth is I've got the *fever* myself and am living vicariously through my friend.
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Hey, we used a diaper service that used prefolds and that worked splendidly for us. however, we've decided to buy and wash our own now.

So, my recomendation: do newborn prefolds (cheap- and you don't get spoiled with AIOs and Pockets)- we used Bummis covers-worked good
. Now we've ordere toddler sized prefolds (for our 5 mos. old- they do fit, you just have to fold them like you did for newborns again). But now that i'm going back to school in the fall and DS will be in daycare- i'm looking into pockets. So had i bought infant prefolds i could then stuff the pockets with them (meaning that if you don't dig the prefolds, you could always switch to pocket later, and still be able to use the prefolds without having to buy inserts for the pockets). We still plan on using our toddler-sized prefolds at home and at night, and since the infant prefolds are not ours to keep, i may trim down a doze (cause i think we may have ordered too many- 4 doz.) to use as inserts in the pockets when we get them.
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prefolds! That's pretty much all we use now, but I've never used them on an infant. I think I'll start looking now for deals on infant ipfs and get her a couple dozen. Great idea! I have a couple of BSWWs that I really like, but wool is my favorite. I'm hoping to find some cute newborn wool on the TP between now and then. Since it'll be a winter baby, maybe somebody will want to sell off some winter outfits in the dead of summer.
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i think it would be nice to get her a nice variety of things (if your budget allows). some prefolds, a few different types of covers, a couple fitteds, a pocket, and an AIO... this way she can see what she likes best and go from there.
happy shopping!
Isn't it fun to diaper shop for friends?
You're sweet to help her out like that.

The main thing to watch out for is spending too much money on newborn diapers. They are outgrown so quickly. Newborn fitteds are great, but getting them second hand, like you mentioned, is a good idea.

I really liked my newborn Stacinator. It was expensive, but it held in runny newborn poop and kept my baby from drenching me at night.

If I were doing it all over again, I'd probably get a few used Kissaluvs, 24 infant prefolds, 6-10 BSWW, and a couple of Stacinators.

And I'd leave the fun pockets and adorable wool for size L, since they tend to stay in size L for the longest.
I agree, go with prefolds. Maybe a few prefolds and a cover that she can tri-fold or quad-fold would be a nice start. Perhaps something cute like a tootle shell or wiggle worm bottom. You could also put in some baby washcloths that could double as cloth wipes if she so chooses. Have fun!
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