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Starting an AP friendly home day care

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Hi- I am currently a SAHM but formerly a preschool teacher and director of a child care center. I have a BS in Child Development and I am cpr/first aid certified. Unfortunatly, we can't afford for me to SAH much longer and I will have to return to working. I was considering starting a VERY small home day care- just me, DD and two or three other young children. Really, I would prefer watching one child in my home. But, I really want AP parents- not parents like many I have worked with- who parent very different from me or would be uncomfortable with me BF my DD, etc. As AP mom's where did you look to find child care??? What seems like a reasonable price for very small group in home day care?? Would my education/experience inable me to charge more?? I am at a loss as how to advertise/seek AP parents in my area (mid-Michigan) and really, where to start! Any advice would be apreciated!! Thanks
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Where in Michigan are you?! I just so happen to be looking for a great dcp for my son. I live in Royal Oak!
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Duh - I was so excited I didn't read thru your whole post.
I see you're in mid-michigan. Is there perhaps an ap group in your area? Perhaps you could post a flyer in a local whole foods store or some place AP type parents tend to congregate.
Good luck to you! I wish I could find an AP-friendly day care by me!
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Another thought - contact Trisha at Not only is she an awesome diaper WAHM, she runs an inhome daycare too! She's in Bay City.
Hi- Tina- I wish you were closer to me
I live near Brighton. So I guess it isn't really "mid-michigan." I haven't found a AP group in the area and there isn't a whole foods/natural foods store within 20 miles or so!! But I will contact Trisha! What would you be willing to $$ for AP child care?? I'm not sure what to charge! Thanks!
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Well we have a daycare that we really like now. She is closing her business at the end of the summer, so that is why we are looking. Let me tell you, to find her we called every single liscenced day care provider in Royal Oak, Berkley, Ferndale, and some in Southfield. Well over 100 - most are not AP at all! She is pretty AP, though I doubt she even knows what AP is. She is loving to our son and that is what counts! We pay her more than most were charging, but it is worth every penny. She charges $5 an hour up to 7 hours and $10 per hour after that. So usually it is $ 35 or $40 dollars a day.

Maybe you can advertise in a local paper classified section. I'd maybe avoid the AP label since a lot of people who practice AP don't necessarily know the term. KWIM? I'd use wording like child-centered etc.

Good luck to you!
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Yeah- There is a local paper that I think we will advertise in- after we finishing moving and start the licensing process. DH and I were thinking something like "Loving, attached stayhome mom, BS in Child Dev., former preschool teacher/director looking to provide child-centered care for your child in my home" I was thinking a similar price scale, but then I thought it might be too much, since for full time that would be over 2$200 a week?!? But then again, this is a pretty wealthy area (Livingston County) so maybe it isn't too much! Thanks again for your help! Good luck in your quest for childcare!
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