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I am currently looking at a few 50 to 100 acre lots in southern vt and northern MA with the hopes of starting an organic farm and family retreat.

The land options are mostly wooded right now, and the plan would be to clear and turn 20 to 30 acres into pasture to first have animals (wondering what would be best to have to use as both fertilize / sell) fertilize and prep the land and then cycle 5 to 10 acre plots between different crops to reduce need for chemicals. The lots also have access to smaller streams and ponds running through the property.

Have others headed down a similar path? Are there resources for how to plan and execute on such an idea?

Where do I research organic crop yield for different northeast friendly crops? I looked on the Cornell Ag site and it was a start, but still a little vague.

I would look to build 2 to 3 houses and two barns on the property, have people been able to qualify for vermont's land use tax reductions even while building new property on purchased land?

Ideally I would look to hire someone to help run the farm and live there etc in one of the houses and split the profits using my capital to start up and run the farm. Are there examples of farms that are funded and run by two separate people and profits split between them?

Lots of questions, I apologize, my background isn't in agriculture so I am learning slowly but surely.
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