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I CDed 2 of my kids with mostly Bumkins AIOs and Baby Softwraps and few fitteds and wool wraps thrown in. I've tried most things out there meaning prefolds, fitteds, pockets, etc and I while I like AIOs (esp Baby softwraps) best they are just too expensive for this time around. I'm just not a prefold lover either even though I know these are cheapest.

I sold my entire stash except for about 8 medium fitteds and 2 or 3 prorap covers that just never sold and sat in a box. They are still in good shape so I can use these. I was supposed to be done having babies .....

So surprise! Now we are having another and I just cannot shell out that much money for a a great CD collection for just one baby. Even used prices are pretty high for the things I would ideally want.

Soooooo.....Since I've been out of the CD loop for about 2 yrs-what's affordable (less than $8 per dipe) for fitteds with either snaps or velcro?
I'm looking at about 24 smalls and maybe the same amt of mediums.

I know about the snugglebottoms fitteds (only $24 for 6!)since I used these when I first started and may end up with these but hoping for something a little more absorbent or with hemp?

I think I'll be OK for covers since I have a friend making some fleece covers and I can get some PUL covers cheap and some recycled wool covers made with some sweaters I've been saving.

But if you have some ideas for some cheap AIOs w/ gussets I'm all ears!
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