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Starting potty learning - need advice

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DD has been showing all the tell-tale signs of being ready to use the potty, so we decided to start the process.

I have been letting her have "naked time" in the eves for a few weeks and during that time she has pooed in her potty a few times on her own. She tells me she needs to go and then runs in and sits on her potty. But she doesn't do this for pee - she will just pee right there on the floor with no warning and doesn't seem to even think about going to her potty.

So I started putting her in some cotton trainers when we are home in the afternoon/eves but she will just pee and poo in those just like they are diapers. When she goes in them she will come tell me she is wet/dirty and ask me to change her. Then she just goes in them again, and I change her again, etc, etc. It is basically just like she has a diaper on except that she tells me when she needs changed.

She is in morning daycare so I still have her in diapers for them.

Seems like we are not making alot of progress and have too many "systems" going. How did you get started and what do you think might help in this case?
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We are at the same place! I too would love some advice on how to move to the next level.
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You might want to back up for a while.
A month shy of 2.5 DD wanted to start using the potty. We let her, but she still wore diapers. We were going camping, and did not want to have to deal with the out-houses!!
We talked about it, letting her be aware of our needs.'Oh!! my pee-pees need to come out!! what should I do??' If DD did not answer, we would come up with one. Put them in our pants, on the floor, in the potty...After about 3 weeks, we were free of accidents!! Here is where the parental learning is important. I needed to learn when she needed to pee, I also needed to learn how to persuade her to pee on demand (there are no potty's at the park, The rollercoaster would need a bath if your pee-pees came out on it...)
The poop is another story...
She has been pooping in her undies for almost two months now. Last week, we were at the toystore, returning her unused disposables, said that she felt sad about not having anymore diapers. So I got her a new train car!! She wanted a crain (Thomas the tank engine), and I told her that If she put 10 poop-poos in the potty, she could pick out a big box!! I know that she can poop in the potty, she just did not want to!! now when I observe her starting to poop, I remind her of the train, and we put them in the potty.

Good luck
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You're on the right track, Laura!

Violet was interested on and off for over a year (beginning at age 2) in being toilet trained. It went in phases.

Here's what we did, keeping in mind that we would "revert" when she seemed disinterested:

1. Put her potty chair in the room where you are doing the most hanging out. Let her sit on it fully clothed or naked--just get comfy with it.

2. Naked time--you are doing that!

3. This sounds weird, but I had a face for when I wanted V to think about going. I would say, "Just think about it" and get a very concentrated look on my face. She would copy the face and get very quiet and then pee.

4. She was afraid of pooing on the potty for a long time--we had "potty bubbles" that we would blow when I knew she had to poo. We blew and blew them until she pooed. You have to get the timing right on this or you will be in the bathroom for days!

5. We developed a potty dance/song. After the deed was done we would sing "pee pee in the POT-TY" like that limbo song. She thought that was the bee's knees!

6. Reminders, reminders, reminder. Actually strike that. I hardly say, "Do you have to go potty?" because she will just say no. Instead, I say, "Potty time!" to which she responds, "NO" and then I give her a psuedo reward. If she is already coloring (or whatever), I say, "Potty first THEN coloring" like the coloring is a reward (but its not cause she was just doing it anyway!). She marches off and goes, usually! In the beginning (for about a week when you are finally serious about the deal--as in, there is no going back), I had her on the toilet every 1/2 hour with lots of praise and songs and dancing.

She's been out of daytime diapers since she was three (in July) and still has about two or three accidents a week. No biggie. She is dry most nights but we use a pull-up just in case.

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