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starting solids

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i have a 5.5 mo old & am not sure if i want to start solids
when did you or are planning to?
if you plan to wait, what are your reasons for doing so?
i'm asking because my son has some health problems & is currently on some medications that are making his poop very loose & the dr recommended solids
what do you think?
thanks in advance for any advice & suggestions
curious to hear what you all are doing...
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I'm grappling with this right now as my dd2 is starting to show some of the signs, but I want to wait at least till 6 mos. I'd suggest if your dc is on medications that are affecting his bowels in that way, it is all the more important to keep him on bm only - it will protect his g.i. tract from the meds.

We started dd1 at 5 mos 1 week, and I've been saying all along I wanted to wait till the full 6 mos this time, escpecially reading some of the stuff on
My thoughts on solids are:

at LEAST 6 months
sitting alone
no tongue thrust
showing interest

I "started" at 6 months with my dd, but just a now and then kind of thing. She still isn't really interested and won't eat more than a tiny bite or two of anything. Your milk is just what your baby needs if there are other health problems.

I wait until my children show interest.

ds1 about 10 months; weaned self at about 15 months (He really liked food!)

dd about 9 months; weaned self at about 20 months

ds2 he is 7 months and has started tasting things....but is not really eating "meals"; still nursing
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I would wait until at least 6 months, and they are definitely showing the interest.

I started at six months, and it was too soon. The first two times I fed ds a little mashed up foods (banana/sweet potato) they passed right through him almost completely undigested - a sign I took to mean his stomach wasn't ready. He also wasn't terribly interested once he got to finally taste food after reaching out for things.

So, I stopped and waited till he was about 7 1/2 months before I tried again. This time he was waaay into it, and enjoys eating. I started off slow so as not to constipate him, and he is doing great now.
I started my son at a little over 5 mos. for the same reason. (diarrhea, ped recommended) He was *ready* *very* excited once he got the hang of the spoon. He'll be 8 mos. this Wednesday and now *loves* to feed himself but still lets me spoon stuff too. He has had no problems with any particular food and likes everything he gets.
He's had avocado, applesauce, banana, carrots, green beans, peas, squash, sweet potato, apricots, peaches, pears, plums, toast (with mashed avocado), cheerios, he's had rice, barley, oatmeal, multi-grain cereals. A little of everything! We've waited 3-4 days between foods, a little longer with wheat.

Is yours recommending rice cereal, bananas, applesauce as the first foods? mine did, I did the cereal and applesauce--one at a time-- first just because I've never heard of anyone being allergic to rice or apples.

That said, I think my baby's a pretty rare exception to be excited and ready at 5 months. I think I'll wait the full 6 mos with the next one. (and *WHEN* I get that next one nursing, I don't think I'm going to *want* to do anything that might mess with that!)
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-Random question- did the babies really have diarrhea or were the drs just not familiar with typical breastfed baby poo?

We are starting solids at 5 months with #2 b/c she is yanking food off my plate...not just "showing interest" but yelling at me to have my food. She's quite indignant when I suggest nursing instead.

I have read that in Japan the number one allergy is to rice. I'm thinking we have so much wheat & dairy in the American diet that we are allergic to those things, and they eat a lot of rice?
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dds 1 and 2 started at 4 1/2 - 5 months. They both took to it right away and were completely self feeding (with spoons and forks!) by 12 monts.

dd3 started at 6 months, and she dove right in as well. She very much preferred to feed herself and weaned very early. Once she had figured out a spoon around 10 months it was a regular battle to nurse, she wouldn't even open her mouth if she thought she saw food on the dining room table.

dd4 started at 7 months. She had shown all the typical signs of interest, but when it came time to eat she wasn't that eager. We tried just a few teaspoons each night, and just when I was ready to put everything away she suddenly started eating. For the next 3 months after that she picked at food and nursed most of the time. Over the last month or so she has suddenly turned into a big eater.

ETA: regarding dr's advice - our fp doctor advised waiting until 6 months with the younger two. At around 9 months dd1 and dh had a baking accident and we found out she had an egg allergy - hives all over her face from where dh had splattered her with cookie dough. So because of that and some other things in our family medical history he advised waiting.
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Breastfed poop is very loose normally and if he is staying hydrated and looks healthy, I wouldn't start foods for that reason. If the meds are making his poop loose, what are the solids really going to do to help? They aren't anti-meds. I think that is a silly reason, personally. If the doctor gives a legitimate reason, that's one thing...but probably, I would bet he just spouted off whatever came to mind.

Jett is 5.5 months old and we gave him his first taste of avocado yesterday. We swore we would wait, but he is acting SOOOO ready. He's a holy terror at mealtimes. I want to make sure that his diet remains primarily breastmilk for the first year, but obviously can only force the issue so far. Keeping him away from mealtime doesn't make sense to me, though it has crossed my mind.

I think I would wait, in your shoes. Until your son shows all the desperate interest and basic readiness, I don't see reason to offer it up.
thanks for all the advice & suggestions
i looked at kellymom & saw some interesting stuff there (thank you pam_and_abigail)
i think we will wait (although we do have a little fun at the dinner table as he stares at everything we eat & drink--avocado sounds good!)
angela, it's definitely diarrhea

someone mentioned acidophilus to me (anyone know about that in terms of 5 mo. old diarrhea?)
thanks again everyone! i REALLY appreciate all the posts
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