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Starting to Freak Out

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Let me preface this by saying that I am a complete control freak.

That being said, I have been TRYING to go with the flow, listen to my body, know that the baby will come when he is ready, but...


This is driving me CRAZY. It's like I woke up this morning, on my due date, and a switch turned on inside and I started to stress. My dh starts classes on Wednesday, my mom who has been here waiting for the baby to arrive so she can help out with the 2 year old etc, is supposed to start teaching on Friday. And I am more than a little apprehensive about being alone with dd and a newborn.

And to top it off, dh overheard me telling baby it was ok for him to come out and join us and asked me why I just didn't go "get induced" if it was stressing me out so much. And that my stress was stressing everyone else out, too. Way to help me out there, dh.

Anyone else losing it?
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I'm losing it a bit, partially b/c I have an induction if she doesn't come out before Wednesday (I pushed it back as far as they would let me; her due date).

I've tried calmly explaining to her that we will wait as long as it takes, but if she wants to come out without chemical coaxing.... we'd all be a lot happier....

So far, she's just hanging out, causing pelvic pain w/o any true contractions, no mucus... she's happy as a clam.

Trying to stay calm and happy,
Hugs to both of you. It is hard to face an induction and loss of your "perfect" plans. Everything will work out, just not the way you thought and in most cases it will still be ok even though it is different. Hang in there mommas, not much longer to go.
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Yep,I could've written this post! I was due Wednesday,and am just so ready. My dh starts classes Tuesday,too.. He asked me this am,"Can't you just get induced
: ??" Just tired of the heartburn,back pain,and inability to sleep. And this kid is showing no signs of going anywhere! I hate this part of pregnancy..
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Hang in there mommas!!! I know it feels like they will never come, but these last few moments, hours, days, or weeks will be missed. We really need to take this time and enjoy those little kicks that we'll never get to feel again

okay~ getting emotional here
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Sailmom: Been checking the DDC daily to see if the bean has come out yet.
And you can do fine with the 2 year old abd the baby. Let me know when you want help/company ( now that I have directions to your house!

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Hang in there mamas, you'll all be holding your babes soon! I know it seems like forever now, and I was in your shoes just a short time ago. Nothing anyone says makes it any better of course. Those babies will be arriving before you know it.
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I'm so glad to find some other people due this month who haven't delivered yet. I was due August 14th, although the OB's use the 10th as my date (I know the day I ovulated, but they "can't use" my date, even though it was confirmed by ultrasound, they're using LMP instead.)

I'm getting pretty stressed, I'd be happy to let this baby come when it wants, but the OB's were nasty. I was told I was "quibbling about a few days" and that the baby could die. This was TWO days after my due date, after a NST and sono that showed everything was perfect. The doc was mad because I refused to induce.

To top it off, my MIL called today and told me that her niece, due next month, just delivered her baby. Gee, thanks, I needed to hear that!

Thanks for letting me vent. I am *so glad* to find this forum and thread...yay, I'm not the only one going crazy! lol

-Allie, mama to Jocelyn and baby boy due 6 days ago
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wonder who will be next?!?! I'm getting anxious!!!
I'm due on the 31st - although apparently he's "expected" earlier by the dr and midwife.... but I am more than ready for him to come now if he's ready.

I'm so exhausted - it's really hard to sleep, waking up every half an hour. I know I'll still be sleep deprived when baby comes, but at least I won't have to get up every half an hour to go to the loo or turn over because I'm so uncomfortable and have this pelvic pains.... gah....
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