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Starting to research, suggestions & advice welcome!

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Hi! I have been interested in moving off-the-grid for over a year now and am finally in a place where I have time to start researching it. We have decided to start slow. We have had a large raised-bed garden for a few years nowand are looking to get a few chickens. DH & I both had chickens growing up & feel like that's a good next step. We are keeping our eyes & ears open for land (we'd like at least 5 acres) for sale around here (we are in Paradise & love the mountains, but there just aren't many large parcels around here). We are thinking of purchasing a lot & then staying in our current home while we build on the lot. We would first build a shop area & then live in that while we built the main house. DH is a contractor so when it comes time to build he can do most of it, and we have contractor friend that could (and would) help us. I have told DH that I want him to teach me the basics of building a house so that I can help
Eventually we would like to be as self-sustaining as possible. We are thinking of renting out the house here instead of selling it, b/c DH is a self-employed contractor and the steady income would be a big plus in the winter. I have been doing some reading on homesteading, etc, any book recommendations would be great! I plan to do a lot of reading in this forum so I thought I'd start with an intro.
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Have you considered retro-fitting your current house with active solar systems for heating, cooling, hot water and electricity?

With the tax credits, it could be more affordable than building another house, perhaps.
We have, but there are SO many trees around our house & the town we live in is very picky when you want to cut any down. The trees keep most of our property except for our garden corner shaded for most of the day. How much sunlight is needed to do solar?
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