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Our last frost date is somewhere around late April to early May here in Massachusetts. We haven't built our SFG beds yet, so I can plant things in their permanent spots anyway.. but I'm wondering if it's too early to start some of the veggies in containers outside.<br><br>
We got some of those peat containers that you can plant directly in the ground and started some peas and spinach seeds in them, since the packages said it was okay to plant them in the ground at this point.<br><br>
But the other things we want to plant (carrots, acorn squash, cucumber, zucchini, yellow summer squash, and also morning glory, aubrieta, and shasta daisy) say not to sow the seeds until after the last frost. Would it be safe to start them in containers on my second story deck right now, and then plant them in the ground in a few weeks?<br><br>
Unfortunately, we can't start them indoors at all, or I'd've done that.<br><br>
Our temps range drastically.. today will be 84 with a low at night of 57, but later this week we may only get up to 52 during the day and 39 at night.<br><br>
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