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All right- I've been cding for 2 months now and I love it- the one big surprise is that I
my prefolds the best! Now that I have experience, I want to help other momma's like I was helped. So~ here's a review of the dipes in my stash, what I liked, what I disliked, and why. I'll review the covers in another post. Oh, and I've been exclusively cding since Dante was 2 days old and he was 7 lbs 4 oz when he was born.

Infant CPF's~ I love them! Even though at first I was too "afraid" too use them and stuck to my fitteds. I think Dante was about a week old before I got up the courage.
: I don't really have anything bad to say about them- it's all good. They dry quicker than any of my other dipes, they're very versatile, they're more compact in the diaper bag, and in a bikini twist fold they're more trim than any of my fitteds. I do have to say that I like my ub cpfs better though- they are softer. (I bought all my dipes used, so they were already "broken in" for me.)

NB Snapdragons~ These were the first dipes I used on him and they worked great. They were low in the front, so they didn't bother his cord. They fit him perfectly and he wore them for about about a month. (Granted, my little man has turned into quite a chunker w/ big 'ol thighs and belly.) I never had a leak or blowout in them and the lay in doubler (i hope that's the right analogy) was the perfect size. They dried in normal dry time and were very soft and trim, I didn't have any problems fitting his clothes over them.

NB Rosiecheeks~ These have a higher rise, but there's a snap down front for the cord. These were a little bigger, so he was able to wear them longer, actually we just stopped using them recently. These were more absorbant than the snapdragons, which also made them more bulky. My only complaints about these are the ruffle at the legs was bigger than I cared for and the sewn in doubler was so long you had to fold it over at the end.

SM Peik-a-boos~ The velour & sherpa inners are oh-so-soft! The workmanship is great and they dry real quick b/c of the tri-folded inner is only sewn at the top. They have a good asorbancy w/o being too bulky. That said- I didn't like these b/c it only has one snap for the waist and I couldn't get the fit right- they were always too tight on his waist and still gaping at the legs. Plus I'm a no fuss type of girl- I prefer a snap-in/lay-in soaker that I can toss in w/o folding.

SM Nanipoos~ I love the fit of these diapers. I can adjust both the waist and the legs so he's comfortable and there's no gaping area. I don't know if these are considered a side or front snapping diaper (anyone want to clue me in?), but I love the long "wings" that wrap around to the front. I prefer this style b/c I think it's easier than the side snaps on my snapdragons & rosie cheeks. They are pretty trim for a fitted and the asorbancy is ok. They do take longer to dry though b/c the soakers sewn in.

SM FB's~ I like these for their convience- it's nice to not have to pack or mess with a cover. Plus you can customize thier asorbancy, but I do find them quite bulky with a cpf trifolded in it. I haven't and any leaks with them, can't comment on blow-outs b/c he's never pooed in one. However, that said- if I buy any more pocket diapers I think I'll try the other brands b/c of all the controversy that's surrounded these.

SM My Little Angels fitted~ I like this b/c of the easy velcro and it fits around his chunky thighs just right. Plus it doesn't have ruffles like most of my other fitteds. It has a higher rise than any of my other fitteds, but it isn't as asorbant. It's trim and put together very nicely though.

ME OS~ I don't really have much to say about these, they're just not for us. They're not very asorbant and I don't like the snap settings on them. I only used them a few times before I traded them to a friend. They fit her boy perfectly and he's really long.

Pumkies-to-grow OS~ So very, very soft! And the workmanship is absolutely terrific- the best I've seen so far. Very asorbant and it fits him nicely with only one snap settings. It gives him a big tushie, but that'll probably lessen as he grows. It does take a bit to dry, but I really like it, ruffles and all.

I have a couple favorite velcro fitteds that I can't give anyone credit for- they're from unknown momma's. All this being said- I'm still on the search for the fitted dipe that has all the qualities I like and I'll be selling the ones I have that I don't- so keep an eye on the trading board if you like any of these dipes I reviewed.
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