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State pays for virtual charter school expenses?

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I've read several posts discussing state funding of homeschooling supplies/curriculum.

My question is, would this be possible for my children living abroad? We are not residents of any state so I'm not sure who to contact about this. Any idea?
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I'm pretty sure that you would have to be a resident of the state for the state to receive state funded services. Charter schools (which are public schools) are funded in the same way as other public schools. In California, you not only have to be a resident of the state but also of the right county to enroll in certain charter schools.

Thanks Dar. I assumed as much. Thinking it through now since I don't pay state taxes of course I would not get state help.

I wonder if there is anything at the federal level that might be possible?
I think there are some military home schooling options, but I don't know if your family is military or not.
Oh cynthia, I have an idea...what ages are your kids?
Nope, not military. We live in Saudi Arabia by choice.


Originally Posted by moondiapers
Oh cynthia, I have an idea...what ages are your kids?
10, 8 and 6. Whatcha got?
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I have a 9yo and a 5yo enrolled in the california virtual academy.

this fall they will be doing the following:

3rd grade math (she's half way through it and will finish it by the end of the first semester)
3rd grade language arts (we plan of finishing it and starting 4th grade LA during the school year)
4th grade sciene
4th grade history
4th grade Art (follows same timeline as history)
intro to music

2nd grade language arts
2nd grade math
1st grade science
1st grade history
1st grade Art
begining music

All materials (except library books) are downloadable on my online school account.......
hint hint I'd be willing to share my password with you as long as you promise not to mark stuff complete and mess me up, lol.

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oh, and the curriculum is K12 by William Bennet former US secretary of education. there are curriculum samples in each subject and grade that you can download for free to see if you're interested. Since you are in a different time than us we wouldn't have to worry about knocking eachother offline (only one computer can log into the account at a time). As a US citizen this is something I personally beleive you are entitled it's a public school. This is why I have no problem sharing.

Oh, and you can dowload the current year's stuff until July 29th if you need those grade levels...

K history
K Science
1st Math
1st Language Arts

2nd grade Lang Arts
2nd Grade Math
3rd grade science
3rd grade history
Art 3

The only thing you'll need to either purchase or copy onto a chalk board for them to copy into a notebook are the Math books. There are full color answer pages to print out though, that have the problems on them, so I'd just write the problems on a dry erase board or a peice of paper for them to do.
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I appreciate the offer but I think I'll look into subscribing. I might be able to deduct it from my taxes. And I will wrote to K12 and ask them about any entitlements through the federal government. I doubt there are any but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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Oh, and another thing, LOLOL I accidentally ended up with doubles of the first grade phonics readers, I'd be happy to send them to you if needed.
I totally love k12. I have a recommendation that will save you money though. You can combine subjects. I'd combine science, history and art for your 8yo and 10yo. If your 8yo is in 3rd grade and your 10yo is in 5th, I'd get 4th grade science and history. It's much easier on you as a teacher and on your pocket book. And trust me, the kids don't suffer. If you do school year round they'll probably and up both on your 10yo's level eventually anyway.

I'm still willing to let you poke around in my account to help you decide if K12 if what you want
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I am sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong

Cynthia, didn't I read in your profile that you are into unschooling? IMO, William Bennett is no match for anyone who has unschooling tendencies. Someone gave me a copy of his audiotapes The Educated Child. He is all about classical education and strongly believes that there are certain things that must be taught and at certain times

I won't trash his philosophy, but as I said, he is decidedly "schoolish" and anyone who gets and agrees w unschooling would disagree w much he espouses. Just a heads up before you start sending out bucks....

BTW, I just stuck those audiotapes in the "get outta here" box. I have NO IDEA how much it would be to ship stuff overseas, but if it is reasonable or if you can help w that, I would be glad to send them to you so you can judge for yourself.
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K12 concerns me. You can buy K12 or get it for free. It is quite costly. If you get it for free, you really are not considered a homeschooler as you are still on the roles at the public school. You are accountable to the teacher. It isn't your homeschool at all. It is the public school's way to keep tabs on you AND earn extra bucks from tax money.
Good luck Cynthia! I hope you find something. Are your kids citizens of the US or SA? If they are not US citizens it will be hard. You might try the state where you last resided.

I met a homeschooling family in India, former US residents. They all had their kids in the correspondence course in the state where they had residency when they left. When the moved back to the states a few years later, they went to a different state and had to pay for their hsing because that state didn't have such a program in place.
moondiapers - thanks for that tip about combining topics!

mamamillie we do identify as unschoolers. But I have a child (my 10 year old) that prefers structure and assignments, wants to do more of a "school" program, and really enjoys computer stuff. So something like K12 looks like it would fit her bill. I haven't taken a good look at the program yet so I may change my mind.

Thanks for the offer of the tape but it doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in.

The other two kids are fine but they usually jump into whatever their sister is doing. So I might need to include them in whatever I decide on for her.

Clonlara I have looked at. I like it and it's another one way up on my list of choices. Calvert I have experience with (my eldest did it many years ago before I knew anything about unschooling) and if I decide to get a purchased curriculum I'd like to try something else.

My children are US citizens Darshani but have never lived in the US. Just visited numerous times.

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm hoping we can come up with something that suits our unschooling spirit but satisfies my daughters wish for structure.
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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher
Thanks for the well wishes. I'm hoping we can come up with something that suits our unschooling spirit but satisfies my daughters wish for structure.

Have you read The Well-Trained Mind yet? I just read it and I really like it a lot. There is structure within the suggested subjects but the timing and pace and *which* books you choose is totally up to you.
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