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Staying home for as long as you can

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For those of you going to the hospital for long do you plan on staying home?
My birth instructor said that if I am having a hosptial birth I just may as well go to the hospital when labor starts rather than stay home during early labor...she said if I am going to stay home as long as I can, then I might as well hire a homebirth MW and birth at home(something I do not feel comfortable with).
I do have a 40 minute drive to my hospital. I also have a doula with me and I thought that she would also be able to let me know if I get too far along at home to get going to the hospital...kwim?
What is everyone else doing?
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I can't speak from exp. since my water broke both times with my first 2 (once you walk into a hosp. w/ your water broke you don't walk out w/o a baby) and this time I'm not going to a hosp. but I do know friends that have gone to the hosp. only to be sent home since they were not far along enought - I'm not sure if that's dialation or painful contrax - you might want to ask your OB. Good luck!
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I plan to try to stay home until it looks like I am hitting transition. The hospital is a 15 min drive at worse from me so I am not concerned about that. I am just so uncomfortable in hospitals, kwim.
I am not having a hospital birth this time, but with my daughter (VBAC) I did and I planned to stay home until transition with my husband and doula. I accidently stayed home until I started feeling like I needed to push though and we made it to the hospital 12 minutes before DD was born.
well, i live about an hour and 15mins from the hospital and definitely don't want to arrive before it's absolutely necessary to be there. i am one of those ppl that feels like a caged tiger in a hospital w/ someone watching every move i make yk? i refuse to birth like that again! anyways, since a HB isn't an option for me (the only MW won't come this far out and i'm not going Unassisted) - i have an OB that is quite crunchy - as crunchy as a dr can be lol...anyways, we plan to go into memphis where the hospital is before the contrax's get bad and then shop/visit friends and family until i feel like i'm ready to head to the hospital. we'll see how it all plays out though....
we live a 3 minute drive from the hospital, so i want to stay home with the doula until she thinks we should move on... everyone says the hospital is a great place to give birth, though, even the doulas i've talked to, so i'm not aiming for a 12 minute stay
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Apmamma - I had the same question. I don't really have too much of an option regarding homebirth/birthcenter birth - so hospital it is. I plan on laboring at home with DH & my doula, and hopefully she will guide us. I don't want to give birth in a car, but I don't want to be poked, prodded and harrassed in a hospital either! We are 15 minutes from the hospital.

Ladies in the know, how is this plan changed if you are GBS+ and your water breaks at home? I guess you HAVE to go to the hospital then if you are going to accept the antibiotics?
With my first pregnancy, I spent a day and a half in the hospital on pit. This time, I'm not going to the hospital until absolutely necessary. I plan on laboring at home for a good long while since the hospital is about 20 minutes from our home. My ob's fine with that and, when I told her the plan, she said, "No point sitting around a hospital if you don't have to."
Our birthing center is 15 minutes away... I just want to make sure that I give my Dr. enough time to make it there, otherwise I will have to fight with whoever attends the delivery about HepB and eye ointment and all the little things that my Dr. and I have already discussed. I don't want to get there too early, though, b/c they do continuous fetal monitoring
Last time I had to lay flat on my back for over 12 hours; it really slowed my labor!
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Speaking from experience - a 40+ minute car ride when in labour, starting and completing transition on the way - is NOT an experience I want to repeat, nor one I suggest to anyone else.

We're having a homebirth this time.
I live 45 minutes from the hospital too and if we use the hospital, we'll probably try to get to the hospital area before transition. Last birth I had to transfer to the hospital from the birth center while pushing (a 10-15 minute drive), and I can't tell you how awful it was to be seatbelted into a station wagon.

Do you have friends who live near the hospital whose house you could labor at? Or maybe a park near the hospital (if your labor is during the day)?

Did you have your other baby at this hospital? I was so upset at having to transfer to the hospital, but it turned out to be a much better place than I had imagined. I did arrive with a group of midwives, doulas, and family, who all shielded me from the hospital interventions I didn't need. But the nurses were great and encouraged cosleeping in the hospital beds and praised the benefits of breastfeeding. Plus, you can ring a little bell and have a frozen disposable diaper delivered to your bed, a nice plus after a lot of tearing!

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Ahhh Truvie and Liz
You two make very good points... I never thought about driving in the car for that long of time while in I see maybe why my birthing instructor said what she said.....
You know Truvie, there is a park close friends, as the area the hospital is in is pretty small town and far from us.
Truvie-no the onter child was born at a hospital 20 minutes away.....and I went there on an already shceduled stress test day and just happened to start labor that same morning...
Thanks you I have some thinking to do.........
I definitely recommend waiting to go to the hospital. Once you're there you are on their clock and the transition can slow or stop your labor if you are not in truly active labor. You should aim to be 5 cms or more. I think the best way to decide is to go when you feel you are ready, your will just know in your heart/mind that the time is right. Timing contractions is somewhat helpful, but the best judge of where you are in labor is your behavior. For a 2nd baby aim to go to the hospital when contractions are approx. 5 mins apart (from start of one to the start of the next) and you are very seriously working through each contraction. You are no longer hungry or talkative, starting to lose modesty. The contractions should be intense and you feel the need to relax completely during them.

This is straight from my Bradley Method Workbook. We used this guide and got to the hospital at 5 cms. DS was born 2 1/2 hours later.
With my second, the drive to the hospital was less than 15 minutes long but I was well into transition - you DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT. Is there a park or something nearby, so that you can go when it starts getting serious but not too serious, and just hang out until you feel like you need to go in?
i've also heard of mamas renting a hotel room for the afternoon or evening, close by a hospital, so they wouldn't have to get there too early but still wouldn't be driving in the heat of transition.

good luck!

I wouldn't set foot in a hospital until birth was emminant. However, last time I gave birth I was told to tell the nurse when I started to "feel different" so they could call my doc and my DH (home sleeping, don't ask
) but I dragged my feet fearing somebody would try to do an internal on me. Once everything started sinking in and I realized I was way into transition I let somebody know. my doc did not make it but fortunately DH did. This makes me think that I might not end up at the hospital when this baby is ready, way too uncomfortable to move, and way too inviting to lay here and feel those endorphins doing their thing
Kind of nerve wracking to think about....
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I also plan to stay home until transition if possible. I want a HB, but its looking like its not possible here.

I do not want the hospital interventions that are routine here. I don't want to have to put up a fight about it when I'm in labor. I prefer to labor at home as long as possible, go to the hospital, push the baby out, and then hopefully get an early release if everything looks good.

Our hospital "requires" you to be on an IV, you to be in bed, cervical checks every hour, fetal monitoring every hour, etc.....what a miserable way to labor naturally!!! I don't want drugs, so I don't want to be laying on my back strapped to a machine, KWIM?

The clock for interventions starts ticking once you are there too. How many hours of labor before they section you? Its scary!

Besides, most hospitals just send you home if you aren't to at least 4 cm if your water hasn't broken. No reason to run back and forth to the hospital.

I live less than a minute from the hospital, so I see no reason to hurry to get there unless the baby is crowning....
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We always seem to live at least 45+ minutes (with "good" traffic of which there is no such thing in Houston. :LOL) from the hospital that my OB has priviledges at. So I can't "wait" to long or DH might be delivering in the car. Doesn't sound fun.

My first labor was very slow, I wish I hadn't gone is AS early as we did. My water broke and then I didn't continue to dilate on pic for 8+ hours.
: I was able to avoid a C-section because my OB isn't a strong supporter of them just because of the "hour" limitation. It was actually never brought up to me at all.
I wasn't as knowledgable about laboring as I was with my second.
I would have liked to have walked around more, didn't realize that I could. Loved sitting on the birthing ball though.

My second labor was much faster. We were actually on our way home (had an appointment earlier that day (was at 1cm and 60% effaced... just like the week before
and I'd been having heavy contractions for 3+ days) and some quick last minute shopping. So we were closer to the house than the hospital in rush hour traffic when... my water broke. BIG TIME! And my contractions were suddenly every 6 minutes and quickly getting stronger as opposed to ever 15 minutes before. We decided to go home to drop off DD (her Mawmaw was waiting there for us already). Got to the house (30+ minutes later) dropped off DD, I changed pants :LOL and headed back to the hospital (again in rush hour traffic). By the time we got to the hospital my contractions were about 2 minutes apart and I was more than 8 cm and 100% effaced. I delivered my DS about an hour later.

Because of how far away the hospital is and traffic, I don't think I'll wait a looong time before we head that way.
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I'm an hour away from the hospital. We have friends that live in the same town as the hospital, but depending on the time of day we may have better luck coming from our direction. We do have a large chain book store and other shops nearby. I could definitely wander around there for awhile before heading to the hospital. We had a c-sec with DS and I don't want them to hold me to the time limit rule. The closer we get the more we will know.
With DD my homeopath gave me the excellent advice that if I lay down and the contracts slowed I was still having pre-labour, that once i was in true labour nothing would stop the contractions. So I stayed home until an hour after my waters broke (took half an hour to decide it was now definitely for real, 20 mins waiting for my mum to turn up and 10 more getting out of the house). I was in transition in the car/upon arrival but my contractions did mercifully slow back down to ever 5 mins in the car so I only had 3 along the way and I managed to not vommit in the car, I saved that up for the stairs into the hospital. Even 15 mins in the car during intense labour was HARD but I would absolutely do the same again if going to hospital again (not planning to next time round). The longer you are in hospital the more time they have to intervene, also I didn't want to go in until I knew that nothing was going to stop my labour. If I lived too far from the hospital to cope with transferring in transition I would go hang out near by, in the carpark even, but I would not actually want to go in any earlier than I did last time. I would not be going shopping though as I was making way too much noise and taking up too much space during contractions to want to be in a shop, that would be worse than hospital for me. I would want to be somewhere fairly deserted really.
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