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staying with others...

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We're going on vacation next month, but we'll be staying with my Brother and SIL at a friend of their's house. My SIL doesn't think she'll like the idea of me washing diapers in her machine, so I'm thinking I can run it through at a launder mat.

Is this reasonable? I could just take enough diapers to last the week- but honestly I despise the idea of the diapers going more than two or three days without wash once they are dirt.

I don't want ot take a pail, what can I use to help contain any smell? I have a large PUL wet bag- draw string- but I'm afraid it will still smell since it doesn't actually *seal*.

I went back and read some old threads on vacationing but didn't see anything about vacationing without a washer available- thoughts?
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What if you put the stinky diapers in Ziploc bags and the wet ones in your drawstring bag? Or maybe buy a cheap Rubbermaid container when you get there? I don't think it's a good idea to let dirty diapers sit for a week, 'cuz stains will set, but that's just my opinion.

I don't understand why people get so disgusted about washing diapers in their machines. It's a WASHING machine!
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