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Steam Cleaners: do you love 'em or what?

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Years ago at a Home Show I saw a demo of a steam cleaner. This beauty is like a vaccuum cleaner except it shoots out jets of superheated steam that clean/disinfect/sanitize without the need for any cleaning agents at all. It had attachments for everything, and is even safe on hardwood floors. It was a European system and cost about $2000.

Now I've seen the Steam Buggy on TV and the Steam Shark at Canadian Tire. I want one of these. Has anybody here used them and do you like them?

I love the idea of not having to scrub anything, and of not having to use any cleaning agents.
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That's interesting about no cleaning agents. I had a disaster with a spill on the carpet last week and rushed to get out my hoover wet-vac. I had run out of carpet shampoo, so jsut went ahead and used it without. It did as good a job, and I did the entire room. The water came out black, as it always does, and it looked as clean in the morning as it does with the shampoo.

I'm going to jsut use it without any cleaner from now on, unless there's a really bad stain.

I'm not sure exactly how much my machine cost, but it was between $500 and $700. I don't know how I managed without it now, we've made up the money with not having to hire cleaners or get a service, eg when we moved recently we did carpets in both houses, it would have cost a fortune to hire someone.

I'd check how a regular wet vac works without chemicals before shelling out too much money.
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Thanks for the reply, britishmum!

The thing is, those steam cleaners do way more than just vaccuum cleaners. They have little hoses with tiny nozzles that shoot superheated steam out. These are excellent for cleaning toilet lid hinges, the rims of spouts and handles on sinks, around the elements on the stove, etc. You can't do that with a vaccuum cleaner!

Oh, and the Steam Buggy and Steam Shark retail for less than $200. It's just that fancy one I saw at the home show that was so expensive.
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I'm intrigued, do you have any links? $200 sounds more like it!
I bought my Euro Pro steam cleaner in 2000 from Home Shopping Network for less than $200.00.

I love it, it cleans floors (tile,wood), windows in seconds, almost any hard surface, mirrors, takes wallpaper off walls, and my husband cleans his 1965 VW Beetle's engine with it.

The best part, just clean steam, no smells.
Bwhahaha I love how we all sound like ads sometimes.

I was wondering if you could put vineger in those. I see people mentioning vinegar and was wondering if any of you might know if you can put it in a steam vac.
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Now, I'm kicking myself b/c I got one of those for Christmas last year and wanted a vacuum-type steam cleaner instead. I returned it and never even tried it out. I bet I would have loved it. I guess I'll have to re-buy it!
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I have the Bissell Steam mop ($55 at Costco) and love what it does to my hard floors!!!
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I have the Eureka Enviorsteamer. I got it for about $40 at K-Mart( I know, what am I doing there) Anyways, it is GREAT for my hardwood and tile floors. NOT FOR CARPET. You dont have to use any cleaners, the steam is so hot, it dienfects the surface after like 7 seconds of holding the steam on it. And it gets all the funk off the floor. There is a cloth pad that soaks up the dirt on the bottom of the broom(totally washable)My aunt has a Orreck handheld steamer. Like the one you are talking about. It is awsome, she cleans her groute, toliet, stove, sink, tub, tile, ect... Any non-poreous material. I suggest looking around, check ebay, they proabley have the best deal. Good luck in youe endevours, I deffintley suggest getting one.
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I'm bumping this thread because I became intrigued about these steam cleaners this weekend & I'm thinking about getting one.

Anyone else have one or know anymore about them?
I'm kicking myself b/c I got one of those for Christmas last year and wanted a vacuum-type steam cleaner instead.
I'm confused. Is there two different kinds out there? Could someone please explain the difference?
I have two kinds, one which is a steam mop for floors and I LOVE IT!

I also bought a Eureka HOTSHOT handheld steamer for cleaning bathrooms, etc without chemicals and hate it. I think it is a good idea but the HOtshot is so small you have to literally fill it with a funnel and tube the size of a small drinking straw. It only holds about 1 cup of water so it is only good for a small job. I can clean 1 bathroom with it but have to wait for it to cool down to refill it (which takes considerable time to let water dribble in via a straw). I have found that it works really well on the sink/tub faucet areas but doesn't seem to do much for the porcelin. Does anyone else have this problem. As far as the toilet, I think it still needs a good scrubbing with vinegar, the steam doesn't do much. The handheld cleaner is scary, the steam is so hot and powerful, it is very dangerous. If you inadvertantly got a hand in the way, watch out.

As far as the claims of killing ecoli, sterililzing, etc made by the manufacturers I think they are misleading the customers. To really kill the bacteria and spores it takes prolonged heat of 10-20 minutes, not just a shot of hot steam.
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