Cubetto is the most amazing screen-less coding toy we've ever seen, and Primo Toys.
Cubetto is the most amazing screen-less coding toy we've ever seen, and Primo Toys, is currently in the last days of its record-breaking Kickstarter as they've launched a new ecosystem of play maps and activity books to accompany their award-winning play-set!

As coding for kids becomes more mainstream, we find toy after toy that promises to teach your child to code in a fun and exciting way. And while that may be true, only one does so exceedingly well, and without the use of screens - the Cubetto playset. We've shared our love for this product before, and are now excited to see that Primo Toys is expanding their STEM learning with the debut of themed maps and storybooks to enhance play and learning for your child.

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Their Kickstarter has already been wildly successful, reaching its funding goal in under four hours. That's because this is the toy every mom wants to help their little one's brain develop and grow in this technologically advancing world, but in an old-fashioned, developmentally appropriate way. The first four Adventure Packs were Deep Space, Ancient Egypt, Deep Dive and Big City, and they launched in 2016.

The next two are Swarmy Samp and Polar Expedition, and are being released exclusively as part of this campaign. Primo Toys has six more Adventure Packs set for release in the next 24 months!

Cubetto's expansion packs encourage story telling and critical thinking without screens

Cubetto is the first programming toy that is approved by Montessori educators all over the world, and is specifically designed to make coding accessible for littles as young as three-years-old. The craftsmanship of the Cubetto playset is unparalleled, and attractive to both kids and moms with its durable programming board and colorful coding blocks children can manipulate.

We were able to speak with Primo CEO, Filippo Yacob, about the motivation behind this amazing toy. Yacob realized that there was a better, age-appropriate way to introduce coding to his three-year-old son - one that didn't need a screen or language. He wanted his own son to learn about computational thinking, but in a developmentally appropriate way that encouraged creativity, social interaction and hands-on-learning.

Believing computer programming to be a skill that in today's world is as important as basic reading or math, he knew that preschoolers could acquire the skills in an age-appropriate way. To deny that programming in early learning isn't a global issue is to deny the change in times, and yet - there is a way to access that learning without needing screen time to facilitate it.

According to Yacob, daily feedback from educators and parents has been phenomenal, which helped inspire the creation of more Adventure Packs.

Yacob says that he's touched by how much their work matters to families, and that's what drives them to give their customers more content and more maps for little explorers everywhere. More, Yacob says that Cubetto makes coding accessible as it reduces screen time for girls and boys, and encourages learning-through-play with meaningful extensions that engage children and take them on story-telling adventures.

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We love that Cubetto is designed to include children of all abilities in that it combines touch, sound and movement activities that strengthen executive functioning skills without language, screens or wifi necessity. Children with disabilities gain additional sensory integration in just about any environment, making Cubetto a great resource for home and in the classroom.
Littles love playing with Cubetto

And it does all of this while teaching children the basics of coding and STEM skills. We love that it's gender neutral and strengthens critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills as it creates neural patterns that are very different than screen time allows.

The Kickstarter for the Content Ecosystem runs until July 19th, 2017, but you better hurry because the rewards are fabulous and many have been claimed already!