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... and everyone is heartbroken. My husband who has worked so hard to help him feel comfortable here is in shock. My three year old son is asking constantly where his brother is and when he is coming. He is the sweetest most caring boy and I just refuse to tell him his brother doesn’t want to see us anymore. I feel so sad to watch them struggle through this confusing time for all of us and need advice on what to do next.
There is a parenting time order which we could file complaints through, but fear that would just make things worse. We live about 2 hours away so I think a big part of it is driving four hours total every other weekend to visit us away from his friends and his comfort zone has really begun to take its toll. His mom tells his about all the fun things she is doing while he is gone, she tells his if he doesn’t want to go she won’t make him or to call his dad and tell him that etc. As a mother I understand where she is coming from, but sacrifices sometimes have to be made to make sure your son has a good relationship with both his parents, and she isn’t supportive of that view. Totally lost on what to do and feeling like it’s my fault as he mentioned something about not wanting me there for a possible discussion of why he doesn’t want to come. I want to assume it’s his mom manipulating him to thinking I’m the worst, but maybe he just really doesn’t like me? I am in toddler-mom mode and pregnant with another so we’re always doing what he might call “baby stuff”.
He asked if his dad would come to visit him instead which would bean unsustainable long term option.
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