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Well he has been here a week, and it has been wonderful. Everyone has been getting along, he has been having a great time, and most importantly, he has been spending time with his dad, which is the longest span of time he has had with him since the divorce 4 years ago.
It makes me so happy to see Jeff so overjoyed at the time he has with his son. It is even more wonderful seeing our children mesh and spending time together like this is the way it always should be. He is a joy to have and i will miss him so much when he goes back home again.
He wants to move here permanently, but his mom will not consent, which may mean a court battle looms on the horizon. I just feel so blessed to have this new person in my life, he is loved as much as my own kids are, and I feel like I have been given a gift in getting to be a mom, if only for the summer.
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