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Sterilization ?

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OK, I got the sterilization pouches to sterilize my brand new instruments.

As per my instructions, I put them on the top shelf of my oven on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel, with a bowl of water on the bottom shelf. Baked them in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours. Well, the blue plastic baked right off and stuck to all of my instruments.

So, anyone know of any tricks to get this crud off? Or do I have to scrub them until my arm falls off?

And what did I do wrong that the plastic melted off onto my stuff?

Thanks, my wise women sisters. I appreciate all the help you ladies give me!
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I don't know how to get it off, but that sucks big time. I'd be crying my eyes out.

Maybe you can use Goo Gone? My dh does home improvement and swears by the stuff to get rid of sticky messes.
Did you bake it with the plastic side up? I'm wondering if the plastic was too close to the elements in your oven? I've never had that happen before. Ugh!
I had a cookie sheet, lined with a paper towel, then the packages plastic-side down -- that's how I was told to do it.

Should the plastic side have been up?
it should have been plastic side up.

Do you have an instrument brush? I'd recommend some sort of heavy duty cleaner and just keep working on it.

also, I'd put it on the middle rack or make sure that the top rack isn't too close to an element that is hot.
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I've put a LOT of work into these instruments today. I think I've got most of them taken care of. We'll try this again, plastic-side up this time.

I'll be watching them like a hawk, I'll tell you what.... I NEVER want to have to go through getting blue plastic off them again.

OK, wish me luck!
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