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sterilizing glass contianers

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I want to sterilize some mason jars to store raw milk in. Can I just put them in boiling water or would that make the glass shatter? Any other ideas for sterile milk storage? Thanks so much
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How are you planning on storing the milk? I presume you mean just for keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer, because if you were to can it, it wouldn't be raw anymore. If I'm right, I'd say you don't need to sterilize them. Wash them well and air dry them.

I don't recommend canning raw milk. The long, high heat processing is more damaging to it than pasteurizing, which happens at 161 degrees F for, uh... fifteen seconds or thirty seconds, I don't recall offhand. And the milk is very likely to curdle. If you want to keep milk for a long time, you could turn it into cheese, or you can freeze it. Freezing raw milk makes the fat globules burst and stick to each other, making little globs of fat that won't mix in. They look like curds, but they're not. They may not make for the best texture in pudding, and look wierd in your tea
but, they're not bad.
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I did mean sterialize them just to store the milk in the refrigerator in. I wanted to get raw milk in glass containers but i can't find a local enough source. so i figure it'll get the milk in the plastic it comes in and then transfer it to glass as soon as I get home but I was concerned with it being the raw milk that a non sterile glass container would not be good
we pour some boiling water into our mason jars after cleaning them. i don't know if this sterilizes them well but it's the only thing that we do and we "sell" our milk to friends (barter, etc.) just let the jars cool before pouring the milk in...
Do you have a dishwasher? When I was pumping for DS the nurses told me I could put my kit in the dishwasher to sterilize.
I have glass milk bottles that I take to the farm with me when I go get my raw milk. I just wash them out well at the sink, I don't do anything fancy to them. My biggest problem is that I can't find a really long bottle brush, so scrubbing the bottom of the bottles is hard.
we use widemouth mason jars i can fit my hand in the clean them. and we bought the plastic lids for we don't have issues with them leaking when we deliver them to people (the canning tops/rings would sometimes leak)
I use the wide mouthed canning jars and just pour boiling water in them. You can find milk bottles at but they are a little harder to clean.
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