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I went to get herbs yesterday, and on a whim I picked up a stevia plant. I know that all the other herbs I picked up are safe for pets, but is the stevia plant?

It's hard to find useful info on Stevia, since the only thing anybody is talking about anymore is the stevia that you buy in the grocery store as an artificial sweetener. From what I've read (which isn't much, really), it looks like the stuff in the store is modified some, and isn't just straight stevia. Not that I can even find info on that in regards to pets.

Anyhow, I am wondering if any of you guys know if Stevia is safe for pets? Not like I'm planning to feed it to them, but my cat is notorious for eating my herbs. And I know how sensitive cats are to toxins, since they have such a fast metabolism.

Here's a picture of my cat sitting in a flower pot last year, after he'd eaten all the basil and cilantro.
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