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sticky baby

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Okay, just had to share someplace where this will be appreciated instead of met with a "you're STILL nursing?" comment.

The weather has been horrid and hot and humid and just plain nasty. So of course dd wants to engage in full body contact nursing all night long. I love nursing but hate being sticky/sweaty with a having a toddler's sticky, hot, body wrapped around me all night is not a lot of fun. To make it even more amusing, dd has decided that the sensation of plasterig herself against me and then pulling off slllllloooooooowwwwwwlllllly so the skin kind of sticks is a lot of fun. She actually will do this "smoosh-sticky pull off" over and over and over while she nurses to sleep, or when she wakes to nurse during the night.

DH just laughs hysterically when he see's me gritting my teeth while dd plays "sticky skin" and while I love nursing and plan on doing it for years to come, if this heat doesn't break soon I'm going to go crazy!
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Before we had the a/c, I used to put a damp "burpcloth" or towel between DD and me.

This was during the day though. Never had either one play that game. It would have wigged me out too.
I soooo can relate! We were homeless during the summer last year for 6 weeks and lived in tents. It got HOT outside and I was nursing around the clock. Nothing like a sweaty little body pressed up against YOUR hot body to make you feel uncomfy! Thats cute that your DD has found it so amusing. LOL
well, at least it's not making her grumpy

(an air hug, no contact
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Thanks all! It's just so funny how much she seems to enjoy the sensation of sticky sweaty skin.
She certainly didn't get that from me! The ehat wave is starting to break off, but I can't wait till autumn when having a toddler shaped hot water bottle draped across my belly will feel nice again.
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