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Sticky of births?

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Does anyone want to make a chart of births with baby's name, sex, size, weight, and mom's name?

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yeah i was thinking about that the other day. Need a thread for birth announcements to be stickied!!!
So weird that we're doing this already....

(I DO think it's a good idea, it just seems like it went really fast and we shouldn't be at the end already!)
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Does anyone know HOW to go about this?
You just start a thread and them PM one of the mods and ask for it to be made a sticky. I like how the August DDC has done theirs, so people just post when there's a birth rather than having the PM the thread starter to update it.
That seems like a good idea since pretty soon we're all going to be a little busy.
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Ok I'll do it Thanks!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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