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anyone interested in starting sticky threads on common (and not so common) preemie health issues?

I know that when William had NEC, I sure would have found comfort in btdt stories -esp when the child did well.

was thinking about these - should we have any others?

IVH - all grades
NICU tips and tricks
Preemie products

what do you think?


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I agree...I was actually just thinking about dragging out my list of websites that i used to decipher the medical jargin after I got back to my room in the evenings.

Also, apnea of prematurity, bradycardia, PFO, VSD and ASD (the heart conditions most common...septal defects), as well as links to helpful info about breastfeeding your preemie, and the books we found most helpful, either in explaining what was going on to older siblings, or to ourselves. My sister sent me an amazing book which I still look at 4 months later to determine DD's development. Without it, I would have been lost.

I think it's a great idea to have a sticky so that people who have to be here have a quick place to go to get the info they need, instead of necessarily having to post a question and wait for a response.

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How do you make it sticky is my question

I would make sticky-

the medical jargin and abbrvtns

the rules thread we talked about, understand that we all have issues etc and this is not a contest for the sickest baby or parent as well as no flaming allowed.
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