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Stiff Diapers

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Ive stripped my diapers and they are still stiff, and they just feel yucky to me. Im very much a texture person, and am hating to change diapers right now. What would be an easy way to fix this, with products Id likely have around the house? I know some of you swear by DA, but I dont have the money right now to buy it, so I need a quick fix that I likely have on hand.

Is there any solution to these stiff diapers?
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No I dont line dry them, they just dont feel soft and fluffy anymore. I dry them in the dryer.
I was joking around with my husband threatening to send it, he said I wouldnt, so ofcourse I did, edited it out right away though.
Hes making me work on his ebay selling and I keep getting sidetracked, so I was being a punk to him. In hiding...
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Thanks for making my night!!!
I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time!!
:LOL Glad I could humor you, got quite a chuckle on this end! I was quite shocked when I read your reply. I couldnt believe someone had read it! Oh boy!
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