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Stiff diapers

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What can I do to make my diapers less stiff? I use chinese prefolds, and here is my washing method: soak in cold water, then wash in hot and rinse in cold. Then I hang them out to dry. Now, I know obviously when you hang clothes outside they can get stiff--especially when you don't use fabric softener, but this is up against my baby's bottom. This is ridiculous! I wouldn't want to wear underwear this stiff and hard.
What can I do? Changing from chinese prefolds really isn't an option. Help!
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When you take them in from the line, throw them in the dryer for about ten minutes with a tennis ball. Works wonders.
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Thank you! I will give that a try!
That's a cool idea...I was going to suggest dry in the dryer for 10-15 before line-drying.
There is a whole thread about this in the archives.

I am counting down 8 weeks till I can join you all in CD'ing land but in the meantime, I'll share what helps me with regular laundry.

I have noticed that if I hang things out on a really hot day, in really bright sun... they dry quickly, but they dry stiff and crunchy. However, things that hang in the shade, or things I hang out when it's cooler (in the early AM or in the evening) dry much, much softer.

So if hanging things in the shade or at a cooler time of day is an option, to allow them to dry slower, see if that helps.

It REALLY makes a difference, especially with towels... so I imagine it would make a difference with diapers, too.

If it gets too cold/rainy to dry outside here in the "winter" I plan to set up clothes lines in the garage... maybe indoor hanging would help you, too? (I don't yet know what winters are like here, since we just moved here a few months ago... I'm from PA where winters ARE winters, I have no idea what to expect here.)

(I don't know if the heat and sunlight are your problem... maybe no one but me is so unlucky to be dealing with 100 degree temperatures in September...)
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Also, if a dryer isn't an option for you, you can always ball them up in your hands and then snap them...ya know, like give them firm snap shakes. They aren't as soft as dryer soft, but they do soften up a lot doing that. Agreed about cooler temps line drying, as is true for line drying on windy days. As long as they are fully dried, they truly do dry softer!
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